Folding Bicycle Helmet by Overade


A folding bicycle helmet? Yes, please. Overade’s helmet is now available for pre-sale on Ulule, and it looks well worth some consideration for anyone who’s ever been on a bike. It folds down to a third of its size, making it easier to stash in a bag for quick trips around town. Suitable for cycling in all forms, skateboarding, skating, or scooters, and available in two colors and two sizes.

Folding Bicycle Helmet by Overade

Designed by Overade (designer Phillipe Arrouar and Clément Cailleau).

Volume of the helmet: divided by about 3 when folded
Available in 2 colours: white and black
Available in two sizes:
S-M, for a head circumfrence of 54 to 58 cm
L-XL, for a head circumference of 58 to 61 cm

Adjustable straps: grey on the black helmet and black on the white helmet.

Materials used: like the majority of helmets, the external shell is made of ABS and dark grey polystyrene for the inside of the helmet

For more information, visit Overade’s site on Ulule.

Folding Bicycle Helmet by Overade

Available from Ulule, 97.00.

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