Corner Store Leather Bag


Cast of Vices has created a luxury lambskin leather version of those ever-present plastic bags. While most of you already have your reusable totes (don’t you?) for groceries and such, you might want to have a nicer (i.e. non-mucky) bag to use for finer purchases. The four patterns (‘Have a Nice Day’, ‘Thank You’, ‘I HEART NY’ and ‘Recycle’) are hand embossed and sewn in Los Angeles.

Material: Lambskin leather

Small 8.5″ w x 17.5″ t, $178.00
Large: 12″ w x 21.5″ t, $218.00

Corner Store Leather Bag
I HEART NY Corner Store Leather Bag

Available from A+R Store, 178.00.

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