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15 Minutes of Fame – Art as Art

15 Minutes of Fame – Art as Art

Ah, how great is this? This temporary tattoo signifies those fleeting 15 minutes of fame (whether it be in the past or your personal future).

“The Art as Art project has chosen to commemorate the endurance of this famously flippant statement on fleetingness with a special ’15 minute watch-face’ temporary tattoo or transfer. Impress your friends with your intention to temporarily transgress the ‘famous/not famous’ divide, muse upon the fate of fallen stars and the trappings of success, or just reflect back to a time when in the future you were to be famous and think how excited you were with anticipation. Later, when it washes off or wears away, you will be a better person (in the future, as always).”

$4.50 AUD, Third Drawer Down

Available from Third Drawer Down, $4.50.

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