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Scrapile crate and tray

Scrapile crate and tray

We’ve posted stuff from the Scrapile guys before. If you’ve forgotten, here’s the run down. I think their work is pretty awesome. They take something that would have just filled our landfills and turn it into something useful and nice to look at. Also, they use non-toxic glue coupled with their intense woodworking skills.

“Each item is handcrafted and unique, and may contain a wide range of materials, including poplar, walnut, bamboo, plywood, yellow pine and cherry. The striations of the wood not only look fabulous, they also will pick up on and coordinate with whatever dominant wood color you have in your dรฉcor.”

Tray Measurements: H 3″ x W 12″ x L 18″

Crate Measurements: H 10.5″ x W 12″ x L 18″


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