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Corner Shelf by Kyuhyung Cho

Corner Shelf by Kyuhyung Cho

This Corner Shelf by designer Kyuhyung Cho begins at the left, “a natural starting point to organise our thoughts and also our objects.” Hang the larger shelf vertically or horizontally (or place it on your desk) and use the medium and small elements to further divide and offset the space.

Design Country: Denmark
Material: Powder Coated Steel

Corner Shelf, Large (nude and black), $159.95
Dimensions: L: 26.38″ W: 9.06″ H: 9.06

Corner Shelf, Medium (dark green and purple), $89.95
Dimensions: L: 18.5″ W: 6.3″ H: 6.3

Corner Shelf, Small (light grey), $44.95
Dimensions: L: 10.24″ W: 3.15″ H: 3.15

Corner Shelf Kyuhyung Cho for Menu

Corner Shelf Kyuhyung Cho for Menu

Also available from Scandinavian Design Center.

Updated link; originally posted Jan 15, 2016.

Available from Vertigo Home, $44.95 - 159.95.

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