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‘Diamond’ Poufs

‘Diamond’ Poufs

Q: What do you get when you combine Studio Bertjan Pot with a company that has the name of a evil sorcerer a long history in Persian carpets? That’s not a joke, by the way, it’s just a way to solicit an exclamation of admiration of said studio. A: You get a wonderfully mixed triangular kilim pattern, in all sorts of “spicy colours” on rugs and poufs. Note: gird your loins, for the prices aren’t cheap.

Designer: Studio Bertjan Pot for Golran

Above: ‘Trianglehex’ sweet pink tall pouf, $1,260.00
-Length 650mm diameter 600mm height 410mm

Diamond black low pouf

‘Diamond’ black low pouf, $1,600.00
-Length 1000mm diameter 900mm height 270mm

Diamond medallion blue green tall pouf
‘Diamond’ medallion blue green tall pouf, $1,260.00
-Length 650mm diameter 600mm height 410mm

Triangles Collection Golran

Available from Wallpaper STORE, $1,260.00 +.

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