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ST-002W Counter and Bar Stool

ST-002W Counter and Bar Stool

Well, hello there, ST-002W. You sure look comfortable, with your nicely curved steel seat and footrest. Designed for the hospitality industry, you’re made to withstand all kinds of knocks and tumbles, yet you have clean, sharp lines that look more suitable in a customized, high-end home. Maybe you should come live with us, along with two of your siblings, at our kitchen counter. Yes? Agreed.

Made in Canada.

Currently available in a White and Wrought-Iron powder-coat finish.

ST-002W Counter Stool, $380 CAD
Dimensions: 26″ high x 19″ x 17.5″

ST-002W Bar Stool, $400 CAD

ST-002W Counter and Bar Stool

Available from LIXHT, CAD380.00 .

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