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Thermosensitive Pillows

Thermosensitive Pillows

Remember the fun of those Hypercolor T-shirts? Now you can relive that same experience with a pillow.

These highly innovative pillows change colors when touched (black to green / blue, red to violet, burgundy to purple). Simply place your hand or body on the pillows and your natural heat will cause the thermosensitive layers to react. Only the touched area will temporarily change color; the original look will reappear within one minute. The pillows are available in two textures–Snakeskin (rigid) and Lambskin (smooth).

Please note that this product can only be used indoors.
Made of crystallized thermosensitive snakeskin or lambskin layers, cotton / poly stuffing

Medium: 17″x17″, $150.00
Large: 25″x25″, $200.00

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