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The Jean Hanger

The Jean Hanger

So smart. The Jean Hanger lets you say goodbye to folding creases and dryer woes, for it delicately holds your jeans up by their back belt loops. This allows your denim to hang appropriately alongside your other clothes without crumples or creases. Air dry them on the hanger, and you’ll have none of the shrinkage or wear that dryers often cause (plus less energy use!). Shall we say this hanger is a brilliant solution for those of us that love our jeans? Yes, I think we shall. Now available directly from Saldebus Designs*.

The Jean Hanger by Steven Sal Debus

-The jean hanger fits a 22 inch waist to a 44 inch waist jean or pant.
-The Jean Hanger (19 inches) is barely wider than a regular top hanger (18 inches) so it fits easily in any closet.

3-pack for $29.50
6-pack for $54.50
12-pack for $98.00

*Limited quantities. Shipping is currently 4-6 weeks.

Updated price and link; originally posted May 25, 2016.

Available from Saldebus Designs, $29.50.

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