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How’s this board for organizing your what-haves and thing-a-ma-jigs? It’s a wooden magnetic bulletin board called SmorgasBoard, and it has different wooden magnetic attachments: pegs, a hook, a box, and a shelf. Each piece may be placed anywhere on the board, so configure it just the way you like. There’s not too much, so things won’t get cluttered, but there’s enough to give those essentials (like your phone, keys, etc.) a home. Each piece may be placed anywhere on the board, or on your fridge or metal surface.

Smorgas pieces can also be used on your fridge or any metal surface.
Each piece is sold separately, or you can buy it all together as a set.

Complete Set: $75

Board: $40, Hook: $5, Box: $15,
Pegs: $10, Shelf: $15


From our archives; originally posted Feb 11, 2014.

Available from iLoveHandles, $75.00.

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