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SIWA Paper Boxes

SIWA Paper Boxes

Ooo, SIWA (pronounced shiwa) paper box collection is on sale over at DWR. Designed by Naoto Fukasawa for Onao (family-run company that operates Japan’s oldest paper machine), these boxes are water resistant and can hold up to 22 pounds. With three sizes to choose from, they’d be great containers for collecting/storing miscellany around the house.

Small: 14″h x 6.75″w x 6.75″d
Medium: 19.75″h x 8.75″w x 8.75″d
Large: 21.75″h x 11.25″w x 11.25″d

“Fukasawa designed the soft, flexible Siwa Boxes out of specially textured Naoron paper so they are highly water resistant and can carry loads up to 22 pounds.”

Available from DWR, 22.50 and up.


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