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Segmented Jars by Ben Fiess

Segmented Jars by Ben Fiess

Are these jars meant for functional use or merely as art objects? Perhaps both, as rare as that might be. Ben Fiess brings us quite a few color options on these slightly-odd-yet-beautiful jars, and each vessel breaks apart into container, strainer, lid and cap.

Can hold liquids, solids or just air.
Materials: porcelain, cork, rubberband

Small size: 5 1/4″ H x 3 1/4″ W, $85.00
Large size: 6 1/4″ H x 3 1/4″ W, $105.00

Available from IKO IKO or LEIF.

Available from IKO IKO, 85.00 - 105.00.

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