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Raumgestalt tYten All-Purpose Bags

Raumgestalt tYten All-Purpose Bags

The question isn’t what you would store in these Raumgestalt Tyvek bags, but what would you not store in these Raumgestalt Tyvek bags? Fish, maybe, and kittens- those wouldn’t be ideal, nor would any other living, squirming thing (except worms?), but other than that, you’re probably good to go. Tyvek is a water-resistant, tear-resistant, lightweight, and compressible material, which makes it perfect for impromptu (or permanent) storage for all manner of things about the house. Available in small (6.7″ H x 6″ Diam), medium (9.8″ H x 8.25″ Diam.), and large (14.5″ H x 12.2″ Diam).

Material: Tyvek
Manufacturer: Raumgestalt

Available from Fitzsu, 20.00 - 31.00.

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