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Punkt DP01 Phone

Punkt DP01 Phone

If the name Jasper Morrison rings your bell, you’ll be ecstatic to know his shop is now online. And what lovely offers are on hand? Well, the Punkt phone, of course, designed my Mr. Morrison himself. If you still have a landline, I’d say it’s a great choice; there’s a fully integrated answer machine, phonebook, and ten ringtones to choose from. The handset is upside down, which allows you to read who’s calling and answer the phone without picking it up.

Punkt DP01 phone

“I thought about the old telephone, lying face down on it’s cradle, and asked myself if it wouldn’t be better off the other way round, so you could see the screen and dial the number without picking it up.” -Jasper Morrison

Cordless DECT telephone in red, white or black with a fully integrated answer machine, phonebook and unique ringtone library.
This phone can be either desk or wall mounted.

Available from Jasper Morrison Shop, £155.00.

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