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Nunabee Color Chip Boxes

Nunabee Color Chip Boxes

Just how fun are these handmade boxes by Danish company nunabee? They would hold all manner of knickknacks, office supplies, accessories, etc., and cheer you up while doing so. If you’ve plenty of bills in that wallet of yours, you could also use it to present a special gift, in a gift-within-a-gift sort of way.

Crafted in Copenhagen out of colored plexiglass and Danish wood.
Available from LEIF.

– Wood/plexiglass
– Handmade in Denmark

Square color chip box, $68.00
4.25″ wide square

Oblong color chip box, $96.00
8.75″ long x 4.25″ wide x 2″ deep

(Link and price updated April 10, 2014)

Available from LEIF, 68.00 - 96.00.

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