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Love Grenade Bank and Peaceful Bomb Vase

Love Grenade Bank and Peaceful Bomb Vase

28 biaugust has turned symbols of war into a vase and bank.

Love Grenade Coin Bank, $32.00, Buy it here.

Starting now, you can do something to contribute peacekeeping efforts. Convert your love to change and save it in “A Love Grenade” and donate it to those who are in need. As our part to World Peace, partial proceeds are donated to “Act Now to Stop War & End Racism”. (A.N.S.W.E.R.). –28 biaugust

Peaceful Bomb Vase, $52.00,
Buy it here.

War is destructive and cruel; it will mercilessly take away life and happiness. We don’t hear the deafening explosion when this “Peaceful Bomb” falls on the ground, nor the devastation after the explosion. We see flowers and plants which are full of life. They sway in the wind of freedom and emit unlimited vitality. We hope we pass this anti-war and peacekeeping message to you through “A Peaceful Bomb” vase in order to fill the world with peace. –28 biaugust

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