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Jeeves Valet

Jeeves Valet

I’m sure we could play a quick guessing game as to what the above item might be, but let’s jump to its purpose: it’s a valet. A clothes valet, in case you are unaware, is usually a waist-high wooden stand of questionable aesthetic value that provides a hanging spot for oft-worn items that are wrinkle prone, like a favorite suit jacket.

Now, this Jeeves Valet is functional, beautiful, and weird (does anyone else see bull horns?), which puts it firmly into the category of how-can-I-rationalize-this-luxury-purchase-because-it’s-sort-of-wonderful. Should you currently need a place to hang your suit, good for you, because you already have a reason to buy it.

Jeeves Valet

“It is called Jeeves in reference to the P.G Wodehouse novel character, a butler who defines himself as a gentlemanโ€™s personal gentleman.”

Manufacturer: La Chance

Materials: Wood or marble and steel structure

Finishes: Black Ash ($555) / Walnut & Black Ash ($645) / White Marble & Walnut ($1,452)

Dimensions: H 25 cm, L 62 cm, P 14 cm.

Jeeves Valet Marble & Walnut

Jeeves Valet  Marble & Walnut

Updated price and link; originally posted Jul 24, 2015.

Available from MATTER, $555.00 - 1,452.00.

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