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Iittala Jars

Iittala Jars

Iittala Jars are certainly a beautiful way to store away your odds and ends in the kitchen, bathroom, or office. The jars are mouth-blown of non-leaded glass and have airtight lids with a rubber seal. Considering the cost, you might want to use these jars for areas where they’d be seen- maybe on open shelving in the kitchen- because it’d be a shame to hide them away in a cupboard or cabinet. Note: You are able to purchase jars separately, however the links below are for sets of 5, in either small or medium sizes.

Designed by Finnish design team Pentagon Design
Colors in set: clear, gray, apple green, water green and light blue.

Iittala Jars Small, set of 5, $110.00
2.9″ x 2.9″ x 3″ (3.75 oz)

Iittala Jars Medium, set of 5, $140.00
3.6″ X 3.6″ X 3″ (7 oz)

Available from greenergrassdesign, 110.00.

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