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Hive Honey Set

Hive Honey Set

I’m a big fan of honey. A little bit in chai tea, on bread, with plain yogurt, etc… I go through a small jar so fast it’s silly. Now, I’m thinking this set from BioDidactic Designs might just outperform the plastic squeeze bottle that’s near its end, plus it’ll look a lot nicer on the counter or tabletop.

The jar has 5mm thick side walls and .25″ thick base walls.
The container has a max capacity of 500 gm or around 16oz of honey.
The honey dipper is made from sustainably raised American Sugar Maple.

Set includes:
– Hive Jar – Frosted
– Capped Cell Lid
– Bee’s Butt Dipper

Available from BioDidactic Designs, 99.00.

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