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Felted Wool Stones by Ronel Jordaan

Felted Wool Stones by Ronel Jordaan

These stones by Ronel Jordaan seem to be quite a bit larger than the Felt Rocks by Molo, and they would be excellent cushions to add here and there around a living space. (I’ve listed links for two different retailers; whoever had the lower price got the link for that particular item.)

Socially conscious as well as gifted, Jordaan has set up a women’s workshop in Gauteng- Johannesburg-where her personally trained artisans transform interlocking fibers, made from 100% merino wool, into these freeform oversized “stone” floor cushions…Soft yet buoyant, the veined, smooth textured cushions can be arranged to support seat and back. Hand washable in cold water.

Small, 12″w x 14″d x 5″h, $245.00, Buy it here.
Medium, 16″w x 20″d x 12″h, $395.00, Buy it here.
Large, 31″w x 27″d x 16″h, $595.00, Buy it here.

also shown:
Pebble Cushion, $595.00, Buy it here.
Pebble Carpet, $395.00-$2000.00, Buy it here.



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