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Duit Light

Duit Light

Now, don’t get too excited as this is just a shade, and not a complete pendant light, and it’s intended for interiors with electrical conduit. However, if you’ve got an interior (say, a retail or cafรฉ-type environment) with exposed electrical conduit, then you’re now allowed to jump up and down as you’ve an affordable solution to your lighting problems. This 8″ fixture simply slides over the conduit and rests neatly on a ceramic lampholder (see Noah’s website for details).

Each Duit Light is hand spun from series 1100 aluminum with a durable brushed finish.
Easy to install and keep clean.โ€โ€น
Proudly made in USA.โ€โ€น
Free shipping on all domestic orders.โ€โ€น

Available from Noah Lambert, 40.00.

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