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Cross, Hex, and Tri Pendants

Cross, Hex, and Tri Pendants

If money was not a concern, I’m sure many of us would opt for one of these pendants designed by Resident Studio. Aluminum or brass channels have LEDs hidden inside to keep the shape extremely clean and sculptural. The results are a group of light fixtures that double as art objects; each could provide a modern contrast with more traditional interiors or fit in easily with similarly minimal/modern furnishings. Take your time considering all three: the Cross, the Hex, and the Tri Pendant Light.

Tri Pendant

Tri Pendant Light, $2,250.00

Hex Pendant

Hex Pendant Light, $1,295.00

Cross Pendant

Cross Pendant Light, $1,395.00

Available from Dwell Store, 1,295.00 - 2,250.00.

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