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Cork Peg (set of 2)

Cork Peg (set of 2)

While I find these cork pegs to be a tiny bit expensive to cover a whole wall with, you might be burning $50 bills for the fun of it, so here you are. They’re actually a pretty good size, which is nice, and each peg comes with a magnetic mounting system. The total weight bearing capacity is 2.65 lbs when something is hung from the end and 4.85 lbs when something is hung from the middle. See the ‘how to use’ slideshow for the magnetic magic. Could be worth saving up for…

From molostore!.
cork peg (set of 2) ยท (ships May 14)

cork peg 2

cork peg 3

cork peg 4

Available from molostore!, 50.00.

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