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Concrete Bulb Hook

Concrete Bulb Hook

A concrete light bulb? Certainly something you don’t see everyday, you can hang your hat on this hook knowing it’ll stay put. Plus, you’ll probably get the ‘Where did you get that!?’ question when you have visitors, leading you to believe that your coolness factor increased.

“Made from a cement mortar mix, this lightbulb hook was poured into a hollowed out lightbulb, cured and then had the glass removed. The glass mold gives it a high shine and polished surface. During curing, the mortar mix leaves small holes in the surface whichadd texture and character. Because of this, every Concrete Lightbulb is unique. A lag bolt was embedded before curing, and sticks out 1.5″ inches to insure a solid grip into the wall when mounted.”

Overall length: 5.75″, Weight: 11 oz


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