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Cliq Hanger

Cliq Hanger

If we all had an unlimited budget for closet storage, there’s little doubt we’d all want to try out Cliq, a hookless hanger. Holding up to two kilogram (4.4 lbs.), each Cliq can be used on any metallic surface and easily slides sideways- similar to a regular hanger. You’ll have to see the video below to get the whole idea, and then figure out if the sleek, minimal look is worth the cost.


Sold in sets of 3, โ‚ฌ 149.00 sale: โ‚ฌ 99.00

โ‚ฌ 15.00 shipping to U.S.

Cliq Premium from on Vimeo.

Updated price and link; originally posted Apr 7, 2014.

Available from Cliq, โ‚ฌ99.00 s/3.

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