Puma Nuala Sneakers


I’m not sure if you’re in the relentless pursuit of comfortable yet cool looking shoes like I am, but if you are, dear friends, I think our hunt is nearing it’s end. Let us pretend just for a moment that one pair of shoes could ever quench our neverending desire for more footwear, and I ask you consider Puma’s Sneaker Sock from Christy Turlington’s Nuala line. Intended for yoga and other indoor uses, I think these would be perfect for city walking too (assuming it’s not raining). I’ve seen these in person and I really regreted not buying them for about a year now.

“In soft bronze-metallic nappa leather, they’re a logical choice for both lunging and lounging indoors. The liners hide cushioning pillows under key stimulation points, and their stretch mesh sides and flexible soles let you push your ‘limberness’ to the limit.”


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