Faraday Porteur Bicycle


Clunky batteries, impractical, and just plain ugly are words that come to mind when the words “electric bicycle” come up. However, as urban bicycle ridership increases, bicycle manufacturers such as new start-up Farady are addressing these issues. Their flagship bicycle, the Porteur, is their first offering. It starts with a US-made steel frame with time-tested geometry. Safety and practicality are built-in with a removable front rack, integrated lights, wood fenders, and an accessory bag. The 8-speed internal hub is attached to an electric assist for those challenging hills or heavy grocery hauls. I had the pleasure of seeing this bike at last September’s Oregon Manifest, a handmade custom bicycle show. As it was my favorite bike at the show, I’m extremely pleased to see that it came to life from a mere show concept to market, something that rarely happens at these kinds of events.



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