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The Camper Satchel in Tan Waxed Canvas

Here’s another great hand-made bag from Etsy. This one is waxed canvas with leather strap closures and has two expandable pockets and two smaller flat pockets on the side, and can also be customized by way of fabric or size.


Purchase Information:

Price: $175.00
Available from: Sketchbook at Etsy

Bike Shelf from Elevatestorage

Yes, this is remarkably similar to Chris Brigham’s Bike Shelf. However, this version by Brian LaBarbera is significantly less expensive, which might be easier on your wallet.

Purchase Information:

Price: $60.00
Available from: Elevatestorage's Etsy shop

Red Pop

Another Kickstarter project to feast your eyes upon: the Red Pop is an accessory that adds a big, red button to the iPhone so you can take photos easier. Instead of tapping around on the iPhone’s screen, the Red Pop’s button brings back a little of the old camera feel, giving you a firm grip on the phone as well as less down time between photos. The goal has been met for 1st production, but you are still able to pledge $75 or more to receive one of the very first Red Pops. For more details, visit Redpop’s kickstarter page.

Purchase Information:

Price: $75.00 pledge
Available from: Kickstarter

Source: Future Blog : Design Hotels

LENORE Capsule Backpack

This is such a smart bag. It’s a backpack and duffle that’s super simple in visual design. Featuring all the credentials that one could want in a backpack (ballistic nylon, fully lined nylon Ripstop interior, padded straps, padded airmesh back, exterior stash-pockets, etc.), it quickly converts into a mini-duffle with a simple shoulder strap restraint system. Imagine the ease of taking this on a plane journey; others will no doubt silently seethe after messing with their finicky carry-ons. From IGNOBLE. More pics and info below.

Purchase Information:

Price: $249.00
Available from: IGNOBLE

The Message Bags

Totes! One can never have too many, or so I tell myself. These totes by Jane and Dale of TWELVEZEROSEVEN are just the thing for your personal miscellany. Both Message Bags are available in canvas with adjustable shoulder strap and handles.

Purchase Information:

Price: $48.00
Available from: baum-kuchen


If adventure has a habit of calling, you might think about having a couple of these GearPods in your pack. Durable watertight containers keep things tidy, with several sorts of options for necessities inside. Whether you go for individual kits (first aid, survival, shelter and cooking) or multi-kit systems (backcountry, frontier, wilderness, etc.), you’ll be prepared for the unexpected. A few are shown below, but check out GearPods for the complete collection.

Purchase Information:

Price: $8.95 starting price for individual kits
Available from: GearPods

Embossed QWERTY Laptop Case

Too bad I have too many laptop sleeves, or else I’d snap this typewriter one up quick. The retailer doesn’t list what material it’s made of, but I’m guessing vinyl/plastic, considering the price (now, a leather version, that’d be sure be something). And, if you’re really liking the typewriter motif, you might also appreciate the Qwerty Washbag, Qwerty Leather Wallet, or the Qwerty A5 Lined Journal, all available from Bloomsbury Store.

Purchase Information:

Price: $34.00
Available from: Blue Ribbon General Store

The Oona–multi use iphone tool

Kickstarter has a pretty cool project up for a for a multi-use smartphone tool which allows for mounting your phone on any number of surfaces which will accept a suction cup, such as your windshield, in the kitchen, on a bedside table or desktop. Even more interesting is that it can mount on a camera stand for using any number of time lapse apps for the iPhone on the market.

For a limited time (until June 3rd) you can fund the project for $25 and they will send you an Oona once production has begun. After the fund date an Oona can be purchased for $30.

You can get more information here.


Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00
Available from: Kickstarter

Source: Via

iPhone Horn Stand

I’m seeing more and more of these passive-amplified (no power source needed) iPhone speakers lately. Check out our previously posted Koostik, a modest stereo speaker done in wood, and the Phonofone 3, an extravagant porcelain version that is just as much a sculpture piece as a useful amplifier. The Horn Stand takes the economical route and is made of molded silicone.While it’s the least expensive of the bunch, I personally feel it’s the most well designed, for it can be used in both landscape and portrait mode, and you can still charge / dock your phone while using it. Gotta love it’s portability too. Available in black, green, white, and light brown from a various retailers via Amazon.

Purchase Information:

Price: $7.48
Availability: Buy iPhone Horn Stand here

Source: Svpply

Urban Quiver Bag

There really isn’t much to not like on this new camera bag from Blackstone Bags. The long rectangular shape derives from packing cameras and lenses in a more efficient way than traditional camera bags which carry all components in one large mass. The interior features three removable dividers for a custom fit for your gear. Security is upped a factor as well, because the the main compartment cannot be opened while you’re wearing the bag. It certainly goes without saying that it’s got a really unique and sleek look to it too. The Urban Quiver Bag is designed and manufactured in Portland, OR.

Purchase Information:

Price: $125.00
Availability: Buy Urban Quiver Bag here

Source: Bless This Stuff

Marmol Radziner Jewelry

Jewelry designed from industrial remnants by famed architecture firm, Marmol Radziner.

“The patina of every piece will evolve over time in response to the wearer and no two finishes will ever start or stay the same.” –Marmol Radziner

Purchase Information:

Price: $90.00
Available from: Marmol Radziner

HandStand iPad Holder

This ‘handy’ stand does more than just protect your iPad; it features a strap for ergonomic comfort and it rotates so you can easily change views. I’m tempted to put an exclamation point after that last sentence, because it does look incredibly effortless and functional. Your hand remains in a comfortable position while switching the iPad between portrait or landscape, and you can show the screen to others around you with just one hand. See the video below for an example.


Purchase Information:

Price: $49.95
Available from: Handstand

USB Film Roll

Yes, you can get a 4GB USB drive for under $10 nowadays. You probably have several already, and maybe even aren’t sure what’s on which one… or maybe that’s just me. So even though you’d be paying a premium for a USB drive in a repurposed film canister, you know you won’t forget which drive your photos are kept.

4GB (up to ~1000 photos)


Purchase Information:

Price: $20.00
Availability: Buy USB Film Roll here

Source: [BB-Blog]

iStubz: Super Short Sync Cable

These short cables are just the thing to have when syncing your gadget. Seeing as you don’t need the extra 2 feet of cord when your computer and iPad/iPhone/iPod are right next to each other, the Cablejive folks have made the short cables in 7cm or 22cm length.

Purchase Information:

Price: $7.95
Available from: Cablejive

Reflective Biker Socks and Gloves by SUCK UK

Brilliant reflective biker socks and gloves by the ever delightful SUCK UK… if you’re a cyclist, you should be wearing safety gear (helmet, vest, lights), of course, and these socks and gloves are meant as a complement to that safety gear, not a replacement.

I only found one retailer stateside (igadgetshop on eBay, $29.00) but if anyone knows of others, let me know and I’ll add them in.

Purchase Information:

Price: £15.00
Available from: SUCK UK