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Zucch Sugar Pourer

This might quickly become a favorite amongst you add-sugar-to-coffee types…I’d say it’s much more dignified (and possibly less wasteful) than those tiny paper packets every day.

Made of double-walled glass, this stylish sugar dispenser has a wide hole in the top for pouring and a hole with a rubber stopper in the bottom for refilling. Made by Alessi. Hand-wash only. Sugar not included.

Designed by Lisa Vincitorio, 2008.
Size: 3.75h x 3.25″diam., 4.5oz.

$50.00 ($45.00 Members), Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $50.00
Availability: Buy Zucch Sugar Pourer here

Slanted Mug

With my luck, I’d spill this on the way to the chair/sofa, or while pouring the beverage.

We’ve all done it! Precariously placed a glass or mug containing our favorite beverage on our lap, only to have it spill on our clothes, not to mention our favourite chair. This mug’s uniquely shaped base allows you to nest it easily and securely in your lap. Available in orange, cream, light blue and mint green.

$35.00 CAD, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $35.00
Availability: Buy Slanted Mug here

Petit Dejeuner Breakfast Tray

Now, this is what I’m talking about, a simple improvement to a standard product makes it exceptional. Why have an ordinary breakfast tray when you can have this one with a built-in vase? (Note: breakfast in bed is a luxury with or without flowers, just want to make that absolutely clear. Also, if your answer to the previous question was ‘because it costs $100’…fair enough, fair enough.)

designer: Peter White
Size: 22″ x 15.5″

$92.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $92.00
Availability: Buy Petit Dejeuner Breakfast Tray here

Dwell Studio (Summer)

I’m sort of loving Dwell Studio’s new collection of table linens. Sure, outfitting a whole table could get a little pricey, but the patterns and colors are perfect companions for many seasons to come.

Gate Apron, $48.00,
Buy it here.
Woodblock Runner, $88.00,
Buy it here.
Color Field Placemat, $27.00,
Buy it here.
Chinoiserie Multi Placemat, $27.00,
Buy it here.
Gate Java Napkin, $18.00,
Buy it here.

Spork – The Perfect Outdoor Eating Utensil

The ubiquitous spork strikes again. It might be slightly uncouth, but it’s certainly handy to have in certain situations.

These eating tools have a spoon on one end, and feature a four-tine fork and knife — with a sawtooth blade — on the other. Super lightweight and extremely durable, they’re ideal for back packing, picnicking, lunchbox, briefcase or boat. Made of a heat-resistant (won’t melt in boiling water) polycarbonate material, they are machine washable and friendly to non-stick cooking surfaces.

Comes in Small and Medium for eating, and Large for cooking, stirring and serving.
Small: 6.5″ L x 1.5″ W, $5.95
Medium: 7.75″ L x 2″ W, $7.95
Large: 10″ L x 2″ W, $9.95
Buy it here.

Bottle Openers/Corkscrews

Make sure to have an extra bottle opener on hand for any summer soirĂ©es you plan to have, because goodness knows your guests won’t want to wait in line.

Lightwood Fish Corkscrew, $13.00
Tube Corkscrew/Bottle Opener, $13.00

Buy it here.

KOBE Sushi At All

Do your next sushi meal justice with this lovely bamboo and ceramic set.

The Legnoart KOBE Sushi At All is a beautiful piece, useful and elegant with a touch of the Japanese culture. You can now eat sushi like a real Japanese! better still, a modern stylish Japanese sushi meal is now available at home! It consists of: * Side compressed natural bamboo * Ceramic bowls for Soya Sauce and Wassabi * Bamboo Chopsticks included * Hand made water-based finishing

Designed by Bjørn Blisse

$99.95, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $99.95
Availability: Buy KOBE Sushi At All here

Inandout Silicone Trivet

Two sizes in one plus a handful of fun colors to choose from…

This is a trivet for small pots and for large pots in one! All you need to do is turn it inside out and you’ll flip it from the small one to the big one. Made out of silicone, it is not just very durable; it also keeps the color perfectly and adds just the right flexibility to make the flipping an easy task. The diameter of the inside version is 7″ or 18 cm and the outside diameter is 9.4″ or 23,7 cm, so just the right difference.

Colors: Blue, Gray, Olive, Raspberry

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Polycarbonate Glasses by Italesse

As the summer sun heats up, make sure you’re ready for those out-of-doors drinks with these polycarbonate (i.e. unbreakable) glasses.

technio-shaped stemmed glasses suitable for sparkling or still wines. the newest in polycarbonate injection technology enabled us to shorten the stem and make them ideal also for serving long drinks and cocktails too. unbreakable and perfect for poolside, boats, bbq’s on the deck, or that guest who tends to break your nice crystal stemware.

prive beach flute, set of 4, $34.00
prive grand cru beach flute, set of 2, $34.00
vertical beach party glasses, set of 2, $30.00
vertical beach glasses, set of 2, $34.00

Buy it here.

(If these are a bit pricey, check out the polycarbonate glasses at Target…they’re a bit more affordable.)

Estetico Quotidienne (“Daily Aesthetics”) Gas Tank

Do you remember the Daily Aesthetics Collection posted a while ago? Well, in addition to the porcelain paper bags and milk cartons, there’s a gas tank as well. That’s right, a porcelain gas tank for your foodstuff storage needs.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

$85.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $85.00
Availability: Buy Estetico Quotidienne (“Daily Aesthetics”) Gas Tank here

Constellation Plates

Uh…so, um, what’s your sign? Here’s some pretty plates that show the constellations of the zodiac signs.

“Throw a star-studded dinner party with pretty white plates featuring delicate blue renderings of the 12 zodiac signs. Silver dots show what the actual constellations look like in the night sky. Sold as a set of four, the plates feature three constellations per plate and are divided up into fire signs, earth signs, water signs and air signs.”

Made in China.
Materials: porcelain
Size: 8″ dia.

Set of four: $34.00 atUncommon Goods

Purchase Information:

Price: $34.00
Available from: Uncommon Goods

Wooden Picnic Utensils

Plastic is soo blasé. (Not really, but these are pretty cool.)

Each available in a set of 10.

Set of 10: $8.00, Buy it here.

[via happy mundane]

Purchase Information:

Price: $8.00
Availability: Buy Wooden Picnic Utensils here

Numbered Edition Linens

I’ve posted Heather Lins’ work before (Eye Chart Pillow), but I had no idea about the linens available.

Heather Lins’ inspiration comes from examining the ordinary. Her collections are based on vintage typography, eye charts, and conversation bubbles–images that are instantly identifiable but unexpected when found loafing on the sofa or adorning the dining room table. Each design is a balance of artisan production techniques, modern design, and wit.

“Numbered Edition Place Mat Set” Set of 2, $55.00, Buy it here.
“Numbered Edition Napkins”, Set 1-6:$120.00, Set 1-10:$195.00,
Buy it here.

[via iheartluxe (thanks Aaron!)]

Govino Wine Glasses

Huh? A shatterproof wine glass? Sounds like the perfect thing to snap up for any parties you might have. It’s made from a “proprietary, food/pharmaceutical safe PETG”, if that means anything to you. It’s also recyclable.

One 4-pack Tote, $11.95

[via NYTimes]

Purchase Information:

Price: $11.95
Availability: Buy Govino Wine Glasses here

Sagaform: Kitchen Implements

Sagaform has quite a collection of nice wooden kitchen tools.

Oak Cheese Knife Set, $14.95, Buy it here.
Paus Honey Dipper, $7.95, Buy it here.
Paus Butter Knife, $4.95, Buy it here.
Paus Salt and Pepper Set, $14.95, Buy it here.