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Tube Map Mirror (London Underground)

I think this would be perfect for above an entryway console (not to mention completely practical if you happen to live in London).

“High quality 6mm glass mirror produced with our special process: the map is behind the glass (not printed on the front). Plan your journey while you perfect your pose!”

750 X 520mm

Purchase Information:

Price: £60.00
Availability: Buy Tube Map Mirror (London Underground) here

Iris Mirror

A nicely priced small mirror…

Cast resin frame.

H: 15.5 x W: 11 x D: 2.

Purchase Information:

Price: $49.95
Availability: Buy Iris Mirror here

Recycled Magazine Mirror

I like how this mirror has all sorts of random colors due to the choice of material.

“Large round mirror covered with coils of recycled magazine pagers. Rolled into coils, the pieces of paper are attached to the mirror’s frame and then sealed for durability and shine. Finished with embedded hook at the back for hanging. Imported. Wipe clean.”

Paper, glass. Hardware for hanging not included

21″dia, 2.5″w

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

The Mr. or Thug Life mirrors

Some mornings these would be entirely useful; just think, a quick look at yourself with a moustache or tattooed tears (depending on the day, of course) might give that extra infusion of self-confidence you need (and, how much would this be a mind-numbingly good gift for somebody?).

‘In need of some self-reflection? Designer Julie Ruiz has created this series of one-of-a-kind silk-screened hand mirrors that are sure to give you a whole new outlook. Each signed and dated piece is cut from mirrored Plexiglas in your choice of design: “The Mr.” is SILVER with a handlebar moustache – for those days when you’re feeling less than manly. And for all you softies out there yearning to be hard, try the “Thug Life” – GOLD with tattooed teardrops. Buy one for yourself, and one for your homeys.’

*aprox. 6.5″ wide x 14.5″ high and 1/8″ thick

[via Yanko Design]

Purchase Information:

Price: $55.00
Availability: Buy The Mr. or Thug Life mirrors here

five x five mirror

This is one of those ‘crazy-but-good/interesting’ items.

“25 mirrored glass panels, each set at a different angle on a polished stainless steel frame.”


Purchase Information:

Price: £150.00
Availability: Buy five x five mirror here

Duck Mirror

A rather small way to add some humor to your decor, this little mirror is sure to do its job in style.

“This webbed feet mirror will help get you on your way each morning. Duck’s feet cast in pewter, with a swivel back for any angle. Designed by David Dear.”

8.5 x 5.5 inches

Purchase Information:

Price: $80.00
Availability: Buy Duck Mirror here

Choe and Tomlinson Death Wish Self Portrait Mirror

“Let’s face it. We are a society obsessed with appearance. And it seems Choe & Tomlinson have caught us fixing our hair in the reflection of the drugstore window one too many times. So they have taken it upon themselves to make our next glimpse in the mirror a bit more humorous. After all, a goofy smile looks great on everybody.

Jeannie Choe and Steven Tomlinson’s Black Death Wish Mirror combines vanity and mortality in a pop Victorian silhouette.”

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $150.00
Availability: Buy Choe and Tomlinson Death Wish Self Portrait Mirror here

Razorblade Mirror

This might be slightly cooler if there wasn’t a movie on right now with the same character, but either way it’s still a lot more ‘edgy’ than a regular mirror.

27.5″W x 15″H

Purchase Information:

Price: $139.00
Availability: Buy Razorblade Mirror here

Greenwich Mirror Collection

These mirrors would be great in a small bathroom or entryway- the shelf is the perfect depth for smaller items like keys or sunglasses. Ebony Finish. By Bobby Berk Home.

Landscape Mirror w60″w x 8.5″d x 47″h,
Large Mirror w30″w x 8.5″d x 72″h,
Small Mirror 23.5″w x 8.5″d x 47.5″h
[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $495-$895
Availability: Buy Greenwich Mirror Collection here

Belvedere Italy Mirror by James Irvine

A mirror reproduced in one of the more interesting shaped countries, this Italy mirror would definitely be an intriguing object for a home or commercial space.

Material: methacrylate with an expanded PVC support.
Dimensions: 42″ x 35″ x 0.5″.

Purchase Information:

Price: $720.00
Availability: Buy Belvedere Italy Mirror by James Irvine here

Atelier Lzc Oval Mirror Houx

Yep, it’s decorative, leaning towards folksy, and it has flowers to boot, but I still think it’s such a find. I think it would contrast quite nicely with modern furniture, pulling out those qualities which become more prominent when put beside their polar opposite (an “eclectic” mix).

Hand screenprinted.

15″w x 7.75″h

Purchase Information:

Price: $87.00
Availability: Buy Atelier Lzc Oval Mirror Houx here

Snowhite Mirror with Wheels

Purchase Information:

Price: $2599
Availability: Buy Snowhite Mirror with Wheels here

McLeod Mirror Series 1

Recently I was visiting the McLeod Residence Gallery in Seattle and had an opportunity to see the piece “McLeod Mirror Series 1: See Yourself in Others, 2007” by the The Barbarian Group (Boston, MA), where your reflection is made up of tiny blocks of color which are actually the images of people who came before you.

You can read more about it here or you can see my ultra fancy camera work here (not recommended).

LCD screen, web cam, plywood
36”h x 22.5”w x 7.5”d
Edition of 100

Purchase Information:

Price: $6,000.00
Availability: Buy McLeod Mirror Series 1 here

Atlanta Mirror

Recently my entry hall got an update with a new floor mirror, and I can honestly say it makes coming home a nicer experience. It opens up the space, which is really nice in smaller areas.

“Oversized mirrors such as the Atlanta Mirror (2003) by Michael Ogura have become affordable, modern-day solutions to many an interior dilemma. With its full-size reflective surface, the Atlanta effectively makes spaces look larger and brighter. The hand brushed stainless steel frame is corrosion resistant and solidly built to lean safely against the wall.”

16- and 20-gauge brushed stainless steel; 3/16″ glass mirror; 3M VHB adhesive.

H 72″ W 30″ D 2″

Purchase Information:

Price: $600
Availability: Buy Atlanta Mirror here

+336+ SMS Mirror

Now, let me just say I know this is terribly expensive, but it’s also terribly cool, and I’m hoping that there will soon be a more affordable version (I’m almost sure of it because technology is just that way) for us all to have. It’s a mirror that accepts SMS messages from a phone! I suppose this is a little more of what we would expect of the 21st century, given that we have high expectations from a childhood cartoon.

“The +336+, designed by Robert Stadler (of the French design group Radi Designers), is a mirror able to receive SMS messages sent from a mobile phone. The messages appear as luminous text, running on the mirrors’ surface when one gets close to the mirror.”

Limited edition of 20.

27.5″ x 21.6″

Purchase Information:

Price: $10,000.00
Availability: Buy +336+ SMS Mirror here