Silhouette Mirror

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Price: $250.00
Availability: Buy Silhouette Mirror here

Elliptical Standing Mirror

Decidedly different, this floor mirror looks like it should cost more than it does. Such a great shape…

“Resembling an elegant tube of lipstick, the Elliptical standing mirror is a standout addition for anywhere you want to get a look at yourself: bedroom, bath, dressing room, entrance hall. Measuring 67″ tall and a mere foot in diameter, this interesting piece takes up little space but adds a lot of style. ”

Cream or Brown ecoleather.

12w x 67h/ 22lbs

Originally available from La Diff for $599.

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No longer available.

Rococo Mirror

It seems people have tired of the typical ostentatiously modern designs and are favoring more witty designs that are influenced by styles of the past. I’m getting a little sick of my furniture looking like a spaceship anyway.

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Price: $45
Availability: Buy Rococo Mirror here

mirror ts

If you’re serious about your reflection, you might take another look at this. It has just enough color in a not-so-expected place to be worth the extra dollars…

“Here’s a mirror that reflects not only your image but your good taste. Accented with a brightly-colored backing, this Thomas Sandell design installs easily on any wall and will stand out wherever you mount it.”

h 47″ w 19″ d 2″

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Price: $395.00
Availability: Buy mirror ts here

Hivemindesign : Stag Mirror

Sometimes a product comes along that renews my hope in current design and escalates my heartbeat…and this very mirror is one of those products. I really can’t imagine regretting any dollar spent in order to own it.

Polished stainless steel.
24h x 48w (inches)

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Price: $1,050.00
Availability: Buy Hivemindesign : Stag Mirror here

Minimal Mirror

This is such a good sized mirror to be used in any room of the house…

“The Minimal Mirror’s thin, cleanly finished, extruded aluminum frame maximizes the reflective surface while allowing the lightweight and corrosion resistant design to be used in damp areas such as a kitchen, bathroom or restaurant. The design’s precise, contract-quality construction is evident in the frame’s neat corners and edges. Keyhole mounting on the back allows it to be hung horizontally or vertically. Made in Italy.”

H 75.5″ W 25.25″ D 1″

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Price: $398.00
Availability: Buy Minimal Mirror here

Profile Mirror

This full length mirror has a very nice floral design that adds just the right amount of “decor” to your decorum.


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Price: $158.00
Availability: Buy Profile Mirror here

Arbo Mirror

I think this is so pretty.

“Rich tones of solid walnut applied in a random, raised pattern form the ‘frame’ of this wall-mounted mirror. The Arbo mirror adds a warm, contemporary accent to any room.”

Update: This item is no longer available through original retailer. (11/19/09)

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Price: $120.00
Availability: Buy Arbo Mirror here

Innervision by Gavin Coultrip

Fantastic mirror…

Available in 2 versions: ‘It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances’ and ‘To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance’ courtesy of Oscar Wilde.

Screen printed 3mm mirror, 20.5 x 51cm.

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Price: $85.00
Availability: Buy Innervision by Gavin Coultrip here

Landscape Mirror

This white metal mirror has a little shelf to put your various little items on…a nice way to open up a space and still have a ledge for display purposes. And, the best part is that it’s on sale.


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Price: $74.95
Availability: Buy Landscape Mirror here

Rolly Storage Mirror

The rolly storage mirror is perfect for narrow areas for storing all the clutter that seems to accumulate at points of entry to your home.

“Combining a traditional hall mirror with tambor door storage crafted of richly grained solid walnut, the Rolly is as compact as it is useful. In addition to allowing last minute adjustments to hair, clothes or face, the substantial reflective capacity of the mirror injects a sense of spaciousness in often tight entryways. The all-walnut compartment below the mirror provides a convenient shelf for display or temporary storage and concealed storage for personal items from keys and phones to wallets and cameras. The tambor door is constructed of fine, laser-cut strips of walnut that are reassembled in the precise order they were cut for a seamless, solid appearance. Laminated to canvas backing, the door offers flexible sliding for easy operation. Two keyhole inserts on the back allow the Rolly to be easily suspended from the wall (hardware not included). Mirror supports up to 10 lbs.”

Thanks Rob!

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Price: $198
Availability: Buy Rolly Storage Mirror here

iO Wall Mirror

At 59 inches high, this mirror could go in the closet or hallway. I definitely think the frame adds a nice modern touch and the little shelf would come in handy for keys or other small things.

21w x 5d x 59h

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Price: $365.00
Availability: Buy iO Wall Mirror here


Genius! I love it more than my shoes.

“You might think that the Convex Mirror is familiar. You should. UK based designer, Sebastian Wrong has taken direct inspirtation from an everyday automotive piece of equipment, the rear-view mirror. By enlarging this well-known form and placing it in an unfamiliar interior environment Wrong has chosen to make iconic a most non-iconic object. The Convex Mirror is designed with humor and with the ambitian of creating an ultimately functional object. The mirror allows its owner the opportunity to rotate and move on any axis. This smooth movement is made possible by a ball joint at the rear of the mirror. The convex curve of the mirror surface is manufactured using instrument quality mirror technology normally reserved for use in aircraft simulators. The mirror is finished with a tactile precision injection molded casing. A commitment to quality manufacturing is a regular feature of Wrong’s work. Here we see that characteristic combined with anouther favored quality- humor. 1300mm x D250mm x H900mm. Injection molded ABS frame and glass.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $450.00
Availability: Buy Established & SONS CONVEX MIRROR BY SEBASTIAN WRONG here

Hive Mirror

I’m pretty into “hex” as a decorative element these days. And here it is in a very reasonably priced mirror that’s intended to just lean against a wall that needs it.

“Two beautifully shaped contemporary mirrors that rest on the wall. The wood edges are of an unfinished black walnut veneer that is absolutely stunning. Make a modern home decor statement with these beautiful pieces!

Modern home decor items should be an extension of taste and personality. The Hive contemporary mirrors give your modern home decor a special vibrance and uniqueness.”

solid wood and veneer

Natural Black Walnut

Hive mirror shape ( 6 sides): 19.5″ wide x 43″ high; Metro mirror shape (4 sides) 15.5″ wide x 43″ high

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Price: $109
Availability: Buy Hive Mirror here

Checklist Mirror

Oh, this is fun, and would be an ever so funny gift for that certain someone who might need it.

“Now you won’t have to rely on honest friends—you can just overlay your face onto the mirror’s cranial outline and run through the potential pitfall prompts. Rigorously neutral and ever available for consultation, the Checklist Mirror will soon be a fixture near every domestic and office exit.”

11 x 13 x 1 inches
Glass mirror (guaranteed to reflect) with etched design
black painted MDF (basically, wood) backing
flush-mount sawtooth hanger on back

packaged mirror measures 16 x 19 x 2 inches

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Price: $19.95
Availability: Buy Checklist Mirror here