Stati d’Animo Mirror

These concave and convex square mirrors will reflect in perhaps a more interesting way than any other ol’ mirror…A full wall of these would be spectacular (though slightly fun-house).

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Price: $240.00
Availability: Buy Stati d’Animo Mirror here

Vera Wall Mirror

With a pivotable mirror, this can adjust to any viewer’s height. Excellent option for households that need some flexibility in tight quarters.

32″H x 28″W x 5″D

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Price: $360.00
Availability: Buy Vera Wall Mirror here

Snapshot (mirror)

Take a look. It’s a bendable pocket mirror.

Plastic sheet. Size : 9×10,5cm

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Price: $8.92
Availability: Buy Snapshot (mirror) here

Mirror Mirror

“Oh how beautiful you are! You’re charming. You look gorgeous! It’s fantastic. You are infinitely attractive! I think that you are fabulous, just fabulous! You are absolutely delectable. Your hair is really stunning, it sparkles with life! I love the way that you do your hair, that silken head of curls and waves is glorious…”

Small: 11.8″ x 11.8″
Large: 17.75″ x 17.75″

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Price: $99
Availability: Buy Mirror Mirror here

Furo Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet & Toothbrush Holder

The price is probably a bit steeper than what you’d find at your local bed/bath retailer, but you most likely wouldn’t find anything this well thought out or designed there either… The inside door of the bathroom cabinet is mirrored glass and has staggered shelves to optimize space.

Mirror also available with a white lacquered wood trim

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Price: $66.75
Availability: Buy Furo Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet & Toothbrush Holder here

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Glimpse Mirror with Pegs

This could work in so many rooms it’s not even funny.

“Bathroom? Hang your sponge or washcloth below. Bedroom? How ‘bout necklaces or belts or scarves. Foyer? Hang your keys, dog’s leash, cell phone, purse. ”

22.5w x 2d x 14.75h

Purchase Information:

Price: $59.00
Availability: Buy Glimpse Mirror with Pegs here

Double Mirror

A good price for a big mirror- shipping will vary based on where you live, but that’s true for everything I suppose.

“This refined and contemporary tall, rectangle mirror, leans against the wall to make a grand statement. With it’s thick wood border this mirror offers presence and style together. Made in Italy.”

31.5w x 71h.

Purchase Information:

Price: $369.00
Availability: Buy Double Mirror here

Mingle Mirror

Here’s something that would take up some wall space and add some interest…

“A series of eight, overlapping 10” square mirrors float against the wall thanks to an easy-to-install hidden support frame. While the individual mirrors may seem small, the collective grouping has a substantial presence that works well above a sofa or a console table.”

Mounting hardware included

28.25″ dia x 16.25″ h

Purchase Information:

Price: $120.00
Availability: Buy Mingle Mirror here

Meurice Mirror

New from Jonathan Adler, the Meurice collection is their modern take on bamboo…a wonderful polished nickel “bamboo” frame with a playful top detail. I love the size of this mirror, it would be perfect for a small foyer! Also available in a Brass finish.

10″ x 27″

Purchase Information:

Price: $195.00
Availability: Buy Meurice Mirror here

Silhouette Mirror

Purchase Information:

Price: $250.00
Availability: Buy Silhouette Mirror here

Elliptical Standing Mirror

Decidedly different, this floor mirror looks like it should cost more than it does. Such a great shape…

“Resembling an elegant tube of lipstick, the Elliptical standing mirror is a standout addition for anywhere you want to get a look at yourself: bedroom, bath, dressing room, entrance hall. Measuring 67″ tall and a mere foot in diameter, this interesting piece takes up little space but adds a lot of style. ”

Cream or Brown ecoleather.

12w x 67h/ 22lbs

Originally available from La Diff for $599.

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Rococo Mirror

It seems people have tired of the typical ostentatiously modern designs and are favoring more witty designs that are influenced by styles of the past. I’m getting a little sick of my furniture looking like a spaceship anyway.

Purchase Information:

Price: $45
Availability: Buy Rococo Mirror here

mirror ts

If you’re serious about your reflection, you might take another look at this. It has just enough color in a not-so-expected place to be worth the extra dollars…

“Here’s a mirror that reflects not only your image but your good taste. Accented with a brightly-colored backing, this Thomas Sandell design installs easily on any wall and will stand out wherever you mount it.”

h 47″ w 19″ d 2″

Purchase Information:

Price: $395.00
Availability: Buy mirror ts here

Hivemindesign : Stag Mirror

Sometimes a product comes along that renews my hope in current design and escalates my heartbeat…and this very mirror is one of those products. I really can’t imagine regretting any dollar spent in order to own it.

Polished stainless steel.
24h x 48w (inches)

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,050.00
Availability: Buy Hivemindesign : Stag Mirror here

Minimal Mirror

This is such a good sized mirror to be used in any room of the house…

“The Minimal Mirror’s thin, cleanly finished, extruded aluminum frame maximizes the reflective surface while allowing the lightweight and corrosion resistant design to be used in damp areas such as a kitchen, bathroom or restaurant. The design’s precise, contract-quality construction is evident in the frame’s neat corners and edges. Keyhole mounting on the back allows it to be hung horizontally or vertically. Made in Italy.”

H 75.5″ W 25.25″ D 1″

Purchase Information:

Price: $398.00
Availability: Buy Minimal Mirror here