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Fold Mirror

You might think a mirror is just a mirror, but that would be underestimating how much a small tweak can change a rather ordinary item. Marie Thurnauer has bent the Fold Mirror slightly away from the wall to give different views and angles of a room. The image above (from domus) with the Fold Mirrors en masse shows their potential dynamicity, and has me, at least, thinking about ordering at least three.

Purchase Information:

Price: $35.00 - 70.00
Available from: Normann Copenhagen

Mirror #180

Need a mirror? Consider this one with two mirror halves spliced and bent to give you different perspectives. There are three positions to consider, so you’ll have fun figuring out which angle catches the best light or spot in the room. Could be a clever choice for a powder room or other small spaces.

Purchase Information:

Price: €195.00
Available from: halb/halb

Flip Mirror

Oh, here’s a good idea- let’s compare the state of our bathroom countertops. Are yours organized, clean, and perfect? Mine are clean, but they’re certainly not organized and perfect. Do you have a table mirror to trim any unwanted head or facial hair, or apply your more detailed makeup wizardry? I do, but it’s not as nice as this one. Inspired by a rear-view mirror, Javier Moreno designed this mirror to swivel up, down, and rotate 360 degrees. And, thankfully, there’s a nice catch-all tray at its base to corral your smaller items.


Purchase Information:

Price: $120.00
Available from: MoMA Store

Mirror Shelf

It’s just a mirror with a small shelf for keys and other small things, yet its slight angular design and assembly are noteworthy for their stylish simplicity. Also, if you visit Golden Biscotti’s site, do check out the natural straws and round cushion.


Purchase Information:

Price: $125.00
Available from: Golden Biscotti

Mira Mirror

Usually any wood-frame mirror with a leather hanging strap commands a higher price than $300, so that’s why you’re seeing the Mira Mirror (Mira Mirra, one is tempted to pronounce) right now. Keep in mind the three available dimensions are on the small size, perfect for a powder room or petite entryway area. There’s also a rectangular version, Mira-D, for $250.

Purchase Information:

Price: $180.00 - 275.00
Available from: Organic Modernism

Bound Hand V1

$400 is a whole lot of money for a hand mirror. That said, if you’re super picky about every item that you use, and care about surrounding yourself only with beautiful, useful things, you’re not going to make do with a cheap plastic mirror from your local drugstore, are you? This mirror from Grain features hand-wrapped hemp twine edging for artistic detail and to secure the mirror to its wood backing. There’s also the Bound Hand V2 ($330) which features a hand-wrapped handle only.


Purchase Information:

Price: $395.00
Available from: Grain

Spiro Mirror

If you’ve ever played around with a spirograph, you know where this mirror gets its name. Rubber cord creates the repeated line gestures on this mirrored stainless steel and gives texture and interest to its reflective surface. Available in 18″ and 24″ diameters with many different cord colors to choose from.

Purchase Information:

Price: $399.00- 599.00
Available from: Debra Folz

Mirror Mirror, Square and Round

Vain or not, these hand mirrors could make your life a little better by framing your face in a super modern, geometrical way. Made of aluminium and mirror, these mirrors are manufactured by Hay.

Manufacturer: Hay
Material: Aluminium, mirror

Mirror Mirror square, black, $82.00
Size: Width 14 cm, height 16 cm

Mirror Mirror round, copper, $82.00
Size: Diameter 16 cm

Purchase Information:

Price: $82.00
Available from: Finnish Design Shop

Francis Mirrors by Petite Friture

Just. Gorgeous. The Francis Mirrors by Petite Friture are a colorful re-interpretation of the vintage/distressed mirror. The worn-off reflective backing of such mirrors that would normally show through are filled in with chromatic pigments, taking on a water-color effect. Available in both wall and pocket size, in two colors.

Purchase Information:

Price: €495.00
Available from: Petite Friture

Strap Mirror from Hay

Well, hello, hello. This is like a Captain’s mirror from the future. With a silicone strap and powder coated steel, it’s got the modern materials to banish any antique store stuffiness. And, hey, the price isn’t too shabby either, especially considering some Captain’s mirrors go for around the $2 G mark (like BDDW’s that starts at $1600).

Also, if you like the more traditional Captain’s mirrors, I did some searching and found a couple of leather ones within the $400-600 price range:

16″ dia: $375 at Empiric Studio
26″ dia: $625 at Empiric Studio
17″ dia: $375 at Maison Luxe (via Remodelista)

Or, check out this DIY video from House and Home showing how you could make your own with an Ikea mirror and a few belts: DIY Captain’s Mirror.

Purchase Information:

Price: $160.00 - 200.00
Available from: Finnish Design Shop

Peggy Mirror

If your entryway still needs sorting, this mirror might help. Coat pegs, a shallow shelf for keys and such, and a mirror to check that you’re presentable before heading out the door- it’ll do the job just fine without offending anyone’s sensibilities. Best of all, it’s entirely affordable.

Purchase Information:

Price: $199.00
Available from: West Elm

Bound Mirrors by Grain

Remember the Utility Card? Yep, the one from grain. Well, they also carry these lovely mirrors with a textile wrapped edge. If the price is a tad too high, maybe their Bound Hand Mirror will scratch the itch. They’re all made in the USA and custom colors are available.

Purchase Information:

Price: $750.00 - 1,100.00
Available from: grain

Blackened Metal Mirror by West Elm

I’ve been pretty impressed with the quality of designs coming out of West Elm lately. I’m haven’t been the hugest champion of their case goods, but I think their accessories have been spot-on.

These mirrors have a refined blackened frame, and would be perfect in an entry, above a fireplace or above a dresser. The round one (above) is 30″ diameter and $149, while the small rectangular one is 36″ x 24″ and $129. The large one (not shown) is $349, and is not one solid mirror but features smaller mirror tiles.

Purchase Information:

Price: $129-$349
Available from: West Elm

Modern Baroque Mirror

For those of you on a shoe string budget, this mirror might be something to consider. Half simple/modern, half Baroque style, might be be a fun sort of thing to have in an entryway or above a small bathroom sink.

No Monet – it’s Baroque! Ornate, Baroque style rectangular mirror with an asymmetrical romantic overlay at the painted white frame. See yourself in classic beauty. Imported. Wipe clean.

13″w, 24″h
Metal, wood

Purchase Information:

Price: $68.00
Availability: Buy Modern Baroque Mirror here

Reflect Mirror

Just think of how many corners and spaces this little guy could go. Mirrors are always an excellent way to reflect light around a space, making it seem bigger and brighter. Imagine the fun of putting several of these in a dark hallway or corner and seeing the light bounce around in unexpected ways.

The reflect mirror with its 90 degree angle can be used as a tray to place your keys, sun glasses, jewelries, coins etc so that you won’t forget to take them with you after checking yourself out in the mirror. For men, the angeled portion of the mirror allows you to see below your chin when shaving, which can come in handy as well. Also, with a total of 8 holes on the rear of each mirror, reflect mirror can be placed almost anywhere on the wall, including corners.

W9.6″ x L4.9″ x H12.0″
Available in black, white and gold.
Note: Estimated arrival time is end of November, but you can pre-order now.

Purchase Information:

Price: $60.00
Availability: Buy Reflect Mirror here