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Bertjan Pot

  • Beanbag Pit Stop
    July 18th, 2011
    By all means, if you're able to make this yourself please do so. The price tag is a bit hard to swallow, I know, especially since it's a beanbag in…
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  • Balls Table from Moooi
    February 22nd, 2011
    Balls. This is nothing new (2005), but I just noticed the other day that it folds flat for storage. So, in theory, it's a luxury version of those horrible looking…
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  • La Couronne Pendant Lamp
    January 12th, 2011
    This La Couronne Pendant from Artecnica immediately reminds me of Bertjan Pot's Revolving Chandelier (2009), which I fell in love with not only for its black/white and transparent silver shade,…
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  • Dazzle Chair
    May 12th, 2010
    Oh, dear Bertjan Pot, how he never ceases to amaze and wonder. The Random Light, the Carbon Chair, the Lazy Bastard. So much goodness. And now the Dazzle stacking chair,…
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  • Lazy Bastard Armchair by Bertjan Pot for Montis
    November 13th, 2009
    What a Lazy Bastard. If you bought this chair, you could say that all the time, and if someone got mad and started to punch you, you could say, "Wha?!…
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  • Carbon Chair (2004)
    May 5th, 2008
    If you'll look closer at this chair, you'll see there's no metal's completely hand coiled from 100% carbon fiber and epoxy. As Bertjan Pot explains, "Every point on the…
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  • Random Light
    October 2nd, 2007
    Hugely dramatic, light as a feather and distinctly Dutch, the Random Light (2002) by Bertjan Pot began as a modernist craft project of sorts. After attempts at knitting fiberglass as…
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