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Art Lebedev Studio

  • Digitus Numbering by Daniil Dadiomov
    November 3rd, 2009
    From the geniuses at Art Lebedev, digitus self stick pixel door numbers. Judging by the finish, it's probably not very weatherproof, so it should be used in interior spaces such…
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  • Folderix 4GB USB Thumb drive
    December 17th, 2008
    Pretty cute cover for a thumb drive... Here we have [a thumb drive] by the good guys over at red hot design studio Art Lebedev that looks like a folder…
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  • Optimus Mini by Art.Lebedev
    November 15th, 2008
    This looks like it would be a fun gadget to mess around with...the only problem I'd have is picking which 3 functions to choose. 3 completely controllable buttons allow you…
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  • Dosugus Dos Embroidered Pillow
    May 29th, 2008
    For you DOS lovers or Command prompt lovers, Art Lebedev presents the Dosugus Pillow.
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  • Sonicum by Art. Lebedev (Desktop Speakers)
    November 2nd, 2007
    I love the silhouette of these. "The set consists of two speakers and a subwoofer and is the ideal accessory for your Mac (don't worry, it will also work with…
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  • Mus2 computer mouse
    October 2nd, 2007
    Art Lebedev Studio is the largest design company in Russia, and it has a storehouse of some pretty great ideas. One of them is this mouse, which despite it's shape…
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