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Naoto Fukasawa

  • Coffee + Tea Maker by Naoto Fukasawa
    December 15th, 2009
    By the man who is known for his simple and inspirational designs, this coffee and tea maker is compact and functional, and luckily, now available in the UK. Now, the…
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  • Electronic Calculator M by Naoto Fukasawa
    July 17th, 2008
    Perfectly simple solar-powered calculator by Naoto Fukasawa. No matter how complex your calculations may be, the Electric Calculator M was designed to make things a bit more simple. With easy…
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  • Deja-Vu Chair
    July 15th, 2008
    The Deja-Vu Chair by my favorite designer, Naoto Fukasawa, is on sale. Made from mirror-polished aluminum with a contrasting oak wood back, this chair is a modern take on a…
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  • Fan by Naoto Fukasawa
    July 10th, 2008
    Naoto Fukasawa is well known for his product design skills; now we can all rest easy knowing he's taken care of the fan category. "Don't be deceived by your first…
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  • Naoto Fukasawa
    June 25th, 2008
    One of my favorite objects from the MUJI store is Naoto Fukasawa's cd player, and that alone makes a browse through this book somewhat necessary, though at this price (why…
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  • Naoto Fukasawa and Issey Miyake Watch
    June 12th, 2008
    My favorite product designer (Naoto Fukasawa) and one of my favorite fashion designers (Issey Miyake) have teamed up to make a pretty cool watch. Case designed after the shape of…
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  • Wan Floor Lamp by Naoto Fukasawa
    May 19th, 2008
    This looks like a good choice for adding just the right amount of ambient light to a room. 'Translated as "bowl" in Japanese, the Wan delicately holds its light in…
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  • Light with a Dish by Naoto Fukasawa
    May 10th, 2008
    The simplicity of Naoto Fukasawa's work is why he's my favorite designer. "Most people, when they get home, go through the exact same ritual: turn on the lights, put down…
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  • Humidifier Version III
    April 17th, 2008
    I have Version II of this Naoto Fukasawa humidifier and I love it. "The goal of the Japanese design house Plusminuszero is to turn everyday objects into art... and, as…
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