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  • Two Tops Series by Marcel Wanders
    April 10th, 2014
    While not new, the Two Tops Table by Marcel Wanders recently found pride of place on my list of dining table options for a young family. The 'Two Tops' has…
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  • Balls Table from Moooi
    February 22nd, 2011
    Balls. This is nothing new (2005), but I just noticed the other day that it folds flat for storage. So, in theory, it's a luxury version of those horrible looking…
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  • Oblique Shelving (Big & Small) by Marcel Wanders
    October 15th, 2010
    Interesting display shelving by Marcel Wanders for Moooi would be perfect for displaying records, books, or photos.
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  • Pixel Rug
    October 5th, 2010
    Lovely, isn't it? This hand-tufted rug is from the Portuguese Piodão Group, who normally manufactures products for Moroso and Moooi, to name a few. They launched a new brand called…
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  • Raimond Light
    March 24th, 2010
    Hello, hello. These mathematically based stainless steel spheres transport electrical current while the LED lights evenly spread warm white light around a room. It's not often that stainless steel can…
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  • Moooi Carpet Model 11
    March 10th, 2010
    If you're looking for a bit of black-and-white pattern (always a good choice) in a hallway or entryway, hopefully you've got enough money to drop some on this rug by…
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  • Brave New World Lamp
    January 7th, 2010
    This baby is crazy big. Standing at about 6-feet tall, this Anglepoise-ish lamp uses a combination of oak and cast iron balancing weights to function. It's quite a sight to…
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  • Moooi Dickies Chair by Anthony Kleinepier
    November 19th, 2009
    Seeing how beanbags have become quite acceptable in the living area, why not a beanbag-ish chair that's shaped like a... well, you know. This is the first I've seen it…
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  • Moooi Clusterlamp by Joel Degermark, 2004
    October 30th, 2009
    Lately I've been thinking of adding a modern pendant lamp in my kitchen with an old medallion for a nice little juxtaposition between old and new. I did it before…
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  • Moooi Paper Floorlamp
    October 2nd, 2009
    Giant floor lamp! This lamp stands over six feet tall and over two feet wide and would really have a great impact in the right space. The lamp has a…
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  • Moooi Lights
    June 1st, 2009
    How lovely are these? The idea of mixing and matching as shown here would certainly look nice, but whether you have an 'amazing design experience' or not is up to…
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  • Moooi July Throw
    March 24th, 2009
    So, instead of spending $1000-$2000 on a new sofa or chair, you could just spend $450 on a throw to cover up your old one. Whether or not that's a…
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  • Clip chair by moooi
    July 30th, 2008
    This distinctive chair has interesting beginnings... designed by blasius osko and oliver deichman for moooi, the clip chair has a solid beech frame and folds flat. according to the designers:…
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  • Carbon Chair (2004)
    May 5th, 2008
    If you'll look closer at this chair, you'll see there's no metal's completely hand coiled from 100% carbon fiber and epoxy. As Bertjan Pot explains, "Every point on the…
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  • Rabbit Lamp by Moooi
    May 2nd, 2008
    Moooi can do no wrong in my book. "The Rabbit Lamp by Moooi is a new addition part of a collection of animal furniture and lights. A lamp shade mounted…
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