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Iacoli & McAllister

  • Frame Coffee Table
    March 7th, 2011
    More Iacoli & McAllister, except this time it's not lighting. The Frame Coffee Table is available in a black or white powder coated base with a natural, white wash, or…
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  • Spica Light, Threaded
    February 18th, 2011
    As promised, the Spica Light in all its glory... by none other than Iacoli & McAllister. This pic shows the Spica threaded (threaded!), and obviously it's a bit more expensive…
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  • Frame Pendant Lamps by Iacoli and McAllister
    February 4th, 2011
    These bright frame lights from Seattle based Iacoli & McAllister provide a nice pop of color, don't they? I know I just posted their Table Light the other day, but…
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  • Table Light by Iacoli & McAllister
    February 2nd, 2011
    This table light by Iacoli & McAllister is pretty adorable. Yes, I did say adorable, and I mean that in a modern-adorable way (think petite rather than 'cute-as-pie'). You have…
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