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Beanbag Pit Stop

Beanbag Pit Stop

By all means, if you’re able to make this yourself please do so. The price tag is a bit hard to swallow, I know, especially since it’s a beanbag in the shape of a tire and intended for kids. However, it is knitted wool, sewn to a polyester fleece, and has appropriate detailing that puts it well above, say, something you’d find on sale in the kid’s section at your local furniture store. And, of course, Bertjan Pot is the designer, so if you’re an admirer (I am) you’ll appreciate the concept, if not the price point.

Fabric in 90% wool, 10% polyester. Filling in polystyrene beads.

Beanbag Pit Stop

From the Richard Lampert โ€œKids Onlyโ€ย collection. To see more of the collection, see designboom’s post.

Available from twentytwentyone, ยฃ645.00.


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