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Plodes Studio

Plodes Studio

From Plodes Studio (a.k.a John Paul Plauche) comes these very fine finds.

Above you see the Barnacle storage vessels. A quote from the site: “Storage becomes articulated and textured, while at once chaotic and organized.”

Next, the Dialog Box (shown below left). It can be an end table, night stand, media stand, or pretty much whatever else you’d like it to be. Inspired by the “fluidness of syllabic alphabets” this box gives you a way to organize your stuff without compromising any of it’s overall design.

Last, but certainly not least, are the Drooplets (below right). Sold as a set of three, these glasses are handmade of strong Pyrex glass (also, the design lends itself to insulate hot or cold liquids). Rightside up or upside down, they’d be a nice addition to your glassware.

Barnacles (set of 3): $220.00
Dialog box: $1700.00
Drooplets(set of 3): $220.00


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