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Coco Chair

Coco Chair

In this day and age of spending $200-$400 (or more) on a dining chair, I truly hope that people actually like what they buy. It’s certainly hard for me to imagine dropping thousands of dollars to seat 6 people, but when I think about if and when I do, the chair/ chairs would certainly have to meet some requirements. Which brings me to the point of this particular chair. It’s stylish, simple, and durable. And, this might sound silly, but I really like the fact that the barrel backrest/armrest can be hung on a tabletop so you can easily sweep underneath (I hate sweeping around chairs, or moving them aside).

So. There you go.

“A single piece of solid beech wood acts as both the back leg and backrest support to provide maximum strength. Available in a versatile stained ebony, as well as a striking red. The lacquer is repeatedly applied for a thick, consistent finish.”

H 29″ W 19″ D 16″


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