Malm Fireplace


If you’ve spent any time browsing through mid century inspired interiors, you’re sure to have come across the Malm Fireplace. While I’m no expert on fireplaces and construction, it does seem like this would be (relatively) easy to install, and perhaps a lot less expensive than adding a traditional fireplace and flue.

The Malm Fireplace can be used indoors or out, and comes with a three-piece flue for ceilings up to eight feet. (Additional flue pieces are available for taller ceilings.) The advantage of a freestanding fireplace is that it heats up and radiates more efficiently. And unlike traditional wood-burning stoves, the Malm Fireplace gives you a clear view of the fire from a variety of angles.

H 96″ W 34″ D 34″
Steel; white porcelain finish; removable front screen.
H 96″ W 34″ D 34″
(Flue Extension, H 24″ Diameter 8″, $150.00)

$1,500.00, Buy it here.



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