Slate Mobile AirDesk

If your favorite working spot is anywhere other than a desk, you might just appreciate this mobile desk called Slate. It's made from a block of pure, premium bamboo, which enables a lightweight, strong surface. A docking station and flush mouse pad gives your workspace increased function and, thanks to the air ventilation holes, your lap/laptop won't be uncomfortably warm. "The curves, air ventilation, and docking station are chiseled, ...Read more

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Price: $99.99
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Bubble Calendar 2014

Pop. Pop. Pop. And that's just just how you'll start each and every day of 2014, one pop at a time, if you like that sort of thing. U.S. holidays and all days of the week are marked, with the weekend days in bold for quick reference. Made in USA. Made from 100% Recycled Paper Label Stock, Plastic Measurements: 48" H x 15.5" W...Read more

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Price: $20.00
Available from: Uncommon Goods

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Know a blogger, a bon vivant, or a bad ass? What about a fashion editor, a freeloader, or a philanderer? Maybe one of those people needs a keychain with their stand-out attribute written for all to see, or maybe you need a bunch to label your keys and/or yourself. Give some as gifts, give one to yourself, go crazy. See the whole collection at Various Projects. Keytags measure approximately 2" ...Read more

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Price: $15.00
Available from: Various Projects

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Friday Links

the briefskate board Stain Ceramics by Bethan Laura Wood. (via MY AMP GOES TO 11) Minimalist Posters Depict The Architecture Of 13 Classic Films Now You Can Take Selfies Inside Old Nintendo Games Chemical Reactions Amateur Photographer Shoots Largest Ever True Color Photo of the Night Sky: Photopic Sky Survey Pretty cute. Video of a KODA (kid of deaf adults) enthusiastically singing holiday songs using sign language and animated facial expressions. Cookie-Baking ...Read more

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Of a Kind Gift Ideas

Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo are the co-founders of Of a Kind, a website that sells the pieces and tells the stories of emerging designers. They feature all sorts of products, and it's worth signing up for their newsletter to be kept up to date on what's new. Claire and Erica's wish list is below- thank you two for sharing your favorites this year! 1. Metallic Leather Tangram Coasters by Project ...Read more

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Craft Design Technology

What do you get the pickiest of design aficionados? Any item from Craft Design Technology, that's what. How could you not fall head over heels for a collection of high quality work tools designed to be "beautiful, functional and enduring"? I want all of it (specifically, the scissors have been on my wish list ever since '08). Available in the US from VETTED or peruse CDT's shoplist for more options. ...Read more

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Price: $4.50 - 96.00
Available from: VETTED

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Spin Candelabra

Hey Santa, if you're going to blow your budget on my Christmas present, please make it this Spin Candelabra by Tom Dixon. It's one heck of a centerpiece, and pretty much takes the place of a low light or chandelier above a larger table. The candelabra's arms spin 360 degrees to give a variety of configurations, and, as it's made from cast iron, it will last forever. "Dramatic in scale, the ...Read more

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Price: $675.00
Available from: YLighting

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Arnold Circus Stool

I know you're probably in holiday shopping mode, but calm down for a little bit to appreciate this Arnold Circus Stool. I'm not sure how it slipped under the radar, as it's been around for a while. Not to worry though, there's still time to congratulate ourselves for finding it now, and then figure out just where we're going to put it before it arrives. Because at $120, this stool comes ...Read more

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Price: $120.00
Available from: More & Co.

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Artek Apron, Mitt, Trivet, Tray

Why are aprons a good gift idea? Beats me, as I'm not fond of the kitchen, but I can guess they protect clothing and also are a little fun in the apparel arena, as no pattern is too big or crazy within the confines of your own home. Now, these patterns by Alvar and Elissa Aalto are not too big or crazy, and you could easily appropriate it for items ...Read more

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Price: $24.00 - 55.00
Available from: Plastica

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Pencil Display Organizer

If you've ever had a bundle of pens, pencils, and/or markers beside you while drawing or sketching, you know how it takes a little bit of time to find the right implement each time you change your selection. That's just where this Pencil Display Organizer by Elise Gabriel comes into the picture. Horizontally, it displays all your tools at once; vertically, it holds up to 100 implements and can be ...Read more

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Price: $98.00
Available from: Dwell Store

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Eye-Fi Memory Card

Here's a little magic you can share this holiday season. You know how your pics and video are stuck on your camera until you upload them via a cable? That's no longer the case when you have an Eye-Fi Memory Card; it instantly transfers your shots from your camera to your mobile device or computer. Eye-Fi cards create their own WiFi connections wherever you are, and initiates transfers whenever new ...Read more

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Price: $49.99 - 99.00
Available from: Eye-Fi

Source: Netted

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Jonas Damon Gift Ideas 2013

Ready for another wish list? This one is from Jonas Damon, maker of the Alarm Dock and Radio Dock, both of which we've featured here on BLTD. Jonas Damon is a Creative Director at Frog, a global product strategy and design firm, and a frequent contributor to New York City based Areaware. Thank you, Jonas, for sharing your list this year! 1. Flos Piani lamp (wood) by R&E Bourroullec, $319.00 2. World ...Read more

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Wood Speaker

Nothing fancy, just a wood speaker. Made of beech wood, this little speaker has a built in amplifier and rechargeable battery to keep things simple. It's compatible with the majority of your devices and connects with a red, braided cloth covered cable. Consider it as an alternative to the other plastic, colorful options available in the marketplace. Compatible With: iPhone, Android Smartphones, BlackBerry, MP3, tablets, laptops and many more devices ...Read more

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Price: $50.00
Available from: Kikkerland

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Minimalist Wallet + Card Case

Yet another simple wallet? Sure, tell us more. The slim leather Minimalist™ Wallet features a front pocket that provides access to up to 2 frequently used cards, while the top pocket keeps an additional 2 to 4 cards handy. On the reverse side, Capsule's CashStrap™ feature can securely hold up to 30 bills folded in half. Pockets are lined and each wallet is made of premium full-grain leather. I'd say it's a good option ...Read more

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Price: $70.00 - 85.00
Available from: A+R Store

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Pillow Stack Vase Series, Eva Zeisel

If you know someone that's a fan of Eva Zeisel, and they don't have this stacking Pillow Vase set, then you have a potential slam dunk gift on your hands. Conceived as a series, the three vases stand on their own as functioning vases, yet also stack to form a larger piece. Each piece is slip cast porcelain with KleinReid's signature satin matte glaze and are available separately as well. ...Read more

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Price: $340.00
Available from: Klein Reid

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