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Why the Snooze Button Is Ruining Your Sleep Gender Bending Cute idea: Magnetic Wallpaper (via More Design Please) Button 2.0 via @theaptcreative Great collection of rooms using plywood over at style carrot via @designmilk Sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights Hitchcock Hallway Also, paper bird sculptures by artist Diana Beltran Herrera. Now, go and have a fascinating weekend. ...Read more

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Cork Map

If you're running a global enterprise, what better way to show off than with a cork map in your office? I'm halfway kidding, of course, as a cork map might be better suited to a kid's room than a swanky need-to-impress-clients sort of office. In any case, it's a cork map, and you could pin all sorts of stuff to it until your heart's content. Mark where you've been, chart ...Read more

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Price: $45.00
Available from: Uncommon Goods

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Filo Tape Dispenser

Talk about minimalist office supplies, could this tape dispenser be reduced any further? Made of mirror polished stainless steel, it measures 2.25" wide and 3.25" in depth. That could be the smallest dispenser ever, or at least the smallest (and least likely to offend anyone's eyes) available in today's marketplace. It certainly won't win points for ease of use, but for those of you that want a dispenser to fit in a ...Read more

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Price: $30.00
Available from: YLiving

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Small Bird Card Set by Fanny Shorter

While you could use these cards for correspondence, you might also consider framing a few for a special spot somewhere in your home. Each illustration is a small bird drawn to scale 1:1 by artist Fanny Shorter and the set includes some of the tiniest birds in the world. Which one is the smallest? Apparently the Bee Hummingbird at 5.5 cm long- that's 2.1653543 inches. Tiny! Designer: Fanny Shorter There are ten cards ...Read more

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Price: $37.00
Available from: Lin Morris

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Oak Nordic Bed

Sometimes you might settle for sub-par furniture. That's acceptable in some cases, but certainly not for a piece of furniture you're going to sleep on for a third of your lifetime. The Oak Nordic Bed by Ethnicraft is made from sustainably farmed solid oak that is kiln dried to assure stability (think twice about any piece that doesn't use kiln dried wood) and includes hardwood support slats. There's also quite ...Read more

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Price: $2,600.00 - 2,800.00
Available from: Lekker Home

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Did you (or do you) ever play around with tangrams? Take a look at this version from Iacoli & McAllister. Simple and severe (in a good way), the seven flat shapes are rendered in laser cut birch ply with black and white no-VOC paint. It's the sort of thing that you could leave lying out on a coffee or side table as a graphic sort of art piece, ready for a ...Read more

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Price: $58.00
Available from: Future Perfect

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Plus One Salt Cellar

This Plus One Salt Cellar by Muuto is a good match to the Plus Spice Mill just as intended. Stone and wood are lasting materials that fit into a variety of kitchen styles so it's no surprise that the adjective 'timeless' is bandied about; it's a no-brainer (if you need a salt cellar). by Muuto Denmark colors: natural material: granite/wood size: 70 mm x 30 mm / 3" x 1.25"...Read more

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Price: $35.00
Available from: Scandinavian Grace

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Blu Dot Sale

You know that Blu Dot is having their big sale, right? You can get 20% off all designs until November 8, so it's worth checking out if you're in need of a few furniture pieces that don't cost an arm and a leg (and looks good too). A few quick links to some favorites below. Copper Real Good Chair, $299.00 $239.20 Stash Desk, $399.00 $319.20 Nook Queen Bed, $1,499.00 $1,199.20 Scamp Large Table, $349.00 $279.20 Hot Mesh Chair, $99.00 $79.20 Strut S-Large ...Read more

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View Blu Dot Sale here

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Rethink your tablescape with the Savone plates by Metaphys. Inspired by the natural formations made by bubbles, these plates have divisions that allow you to present food with accompanying seasons or sauces, thus minimizing the number of dishes. (Also, if you're not one to fuss with seasons, sauces, and other such accompaniments, you could perhaps use these as a sort of portion control guide for meals or snacks, as they ...Read more

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Price: $30.00 and up
Available from: Leibal

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Donna Wilson Hats, Scarves, Gloves

Ms. Wilson, take a break, please. There's just too much pleasantly patterned cold weather wear to take in. The Circus Arm Warmers, for instance; who knew they needed these until spotting those colorful blocks of stripes and triangles? And the Tip Top Gloves. Our old gloves were perfectly fine, thank you very much, until thinking of waving our fingers around with blue, red, or pink tips. As stated before, it's ...Read more

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Swedese Ivy Shelving

If you like everything to be lined up and precise, this might not be the shelving for you. The Ivy has the option to seemingly sway precariously to the side; it also stacks straight up, but that's not as much fun. Make it as high or as low as you wish, as each shelf is sold as a unit. Designed by Thomas Bernstrand of Bernstrand & Co. Dimensions: Base unit: W:88 ...Read more

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Price: $470.00
Available from: Huset

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Canvas Briefcase

Need a no-nonsense, utilitarian briefcase? This bag by Industry Portage features an exterior padded pocket for your tablet, interior pen slots and pockets for organizing smaller items like business cards, and adequate space to carry a decent stack of documents (let's hope you won't need to do that though). Rugged canvas and suede handles reinforce the no-frills approach; there's no doubt it's durable enough for your everyday commute or for ...Read more

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Price: $160.00
Available from: The Vitrine

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If you have $300 and a not-so-nice smelling room, you either buy a boatload of ugly artificial air fresheners or you buy the Hakutan. As you may know, the Hakutan is a section of White Charcoal with an extremely high carbon content; this high grade of charcoal cleanses the air naturally and remains active indefinitely. It regulates humidity (think bathroom) and absorbs odors (kitchen smells), all while looking like a small ...Read more

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Price: $300.00
Available from: ModMobili

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Cage Lamps

The Cage lighting collection designed by Arik Levy for Forestier combines the industrial aspect of protective cage light fixtures with traditional paper lanterns (a more obvious iteration is found in the In & Out Lamp small and large). This opposites-attract formula results in a successful pairing that is surprisingly elegant, and as a result this collection has moved to the top of the wish-this-was-available-statside list. Cage hanging lamp, € 225,00 Cage floor lamp, € 277,50 ...Read more

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Price: €217,50
Available from: Wannekes

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Vote Cards

See those tiny red letters and what they spell out? Early voting begins in several states this week, and now's the time to motivate yourself and others to participate in this year's elections. Maybe you could hand them out around the office, or post one in a conspicuous place on the bulletin board at your local dry cleaners or favorite lunch place. Sometimes it only takes the tiniest push to ...Read more

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Price: $16.00
Available from: Cooper Hewitt Shop

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