If you've ever found yourself cupping your hand around the iPad's speaker in order to get a louder or clearer sound, take note of this little 'ear' that clips onto the iPad's corner. Sounds are projected towards you for better hearing and higher frequencies get a bigger boost. "We have engineered an integrated flexible clip on the back to allow the Amplifiear to securely fasten it to both the iPad 2 ...Read more

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Price: $24.95
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Scholten & Baijings Color Carpet Rugs

If Scholten & Baijings do amazing designs on blankets and cushions, why not apply their talents to rugs as well? While the collection for Hay Denmark includes six carpet designs, only four are shown here; visit Scholten & Baijings or the retailer A+R Store to see more. Designers: Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings, Scholten & Baijings Size: 67" x 94" (5' 7" x 7' 10") Materials: 100% New Zealand wool pile on 100% cotton backing Shown above, Color ...Read more

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Price: $1600.00
Available from: A+R Store

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Tressle Table Company

Patrick O’Brien of Tressel Table Co takes on the traditional trestle table and adds a few modern twists. Working off the themes of simplicity, affordability and functionality, each handcrafted birch plywood table is durable, breaks down easily, and is reasonably priced at $360. Would make a great go-to table for impromptu dinner parties, crafting, and working. Tressle tables are handmade in Melbourne, Australia and require a 14 day turn around time. ...Read more

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Price: $360.00
Available from: Tressel Table Co

Source: The Design Files

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Set Editions Collar Stays

Don't get too comfortable. These collar stays will administer a dose of humility each morning while getting dressed. Think of it as a gift for the next time a gentleman friend of yours receives a promotion. Set of ten standard size collar stays in a glass vial. From set editions. ...Read more

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Price: $16.00
Available from: set editions

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Friday Links

Due to last week's vacation break, we are woefully behind on emails. Please be patient and we'll reply (if necessary) by the end of next week. And now, your Friday Links: Etienne Gros foam sculptures Light ‘n Go Bonfire Log (via design crush) "I can eat my favorite song." TED: Neil Harbisson: I listen to color Weather app: Solar Notify your favorite small businesses about Smallknot. (via swissmiss) Craziness: The 72...Read more

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Urbio Big Happy Family

Last year we featured this as a Kickstarter project, and now it's available for sale directly through Urbio's online shop (hurray!). The polypropylene pots are magnetically held to modular wall plates, allowing various rearranging to fit your needs. As you can see from the photos, use the vessels for plants, office supplies, or whatever else that needs organization. By Urbio. The Big Happy Family kit (main image) contains 6 wall plates: 1 ...Read more

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Price: $8.00 - 175.00
Available from: Urbio

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Art Gallery Inspiration

Finding inspiration for a specific project can take up tons of time, especially as it's easy to get sucked into the vortex of Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. I recently have been rethinking hanging some existing art in a new random way, and just in case you were too, here are some of the images I've bookmarked as favorites. (Most of the images we've bookmarked via Tumblr have unlisted sources, which is ...Read more

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“What Good…” Enamel Steel Sign

It's a sentiment worth considering, whether you need a sign to remind you or not. Hang it near the front door, next to your computer, or maybe even bookmark it as a gift option for someone dear. Taken from Benjamin Franklin's autobiography outlining his daily employment. See Benjamin Franklin's daily scheme over at Daily Routines. 7"w x 5"h enamel steel And each day he rose and begged: "The Morning question: ...Read more

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Price: $28.00
Available from: Best Made Co.

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Hot Mesh Chair

Another fantastic indoor/outdoor seating option, this chair from Blu Dot features a mesh pattern of powder-coated steel. Perhaps the mesh would keep our backs and bottoms cool when enjoying the out-of-doors? Also, be sure to note these chairs are stackable, and have an affordable price tag to boot. Available in four finishes: white, black, bright blue and mustard yellow. Stackable and suitable for use indoors or out. ...Read more

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Price: $99.00
Available from: Blu Dot

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Motion Carafe

Seeing as it's hot outside and will stay that way for a while yet, it's best to keep hydrated. And what better way to keep water on hand than with a carafe? This Motion carafe by by Ole Jensen for Normann Copenhagen brings a little dynamic motion into the equation, as it is always in a tilted position. While the movement might take a while to get used to, it ...Read more

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Price: $79.00
Available from: Finnish Design Shop

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‘From the desk of’ Card Set

Do you tend to like things elegant and slightly old fashioned? Then you might like this set of correspondence cards. Uncap your fountain pen and jot down your sentiments, then send each card in its dark brown envelope to the awaiting recipient. By Paper+Cup. Contains 6 printed flats on 100% post consumer card stock with dark brown envelopes. Cards measure 5.5" x 4.25" each...Read more

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Price: $12.00
Available from: the Curiosity Shoppe

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Bauhaus Spinning Top

I think you need this, and now. What better way to distract yourself from the droll everyday office life than with a fun, vivid, spinning top that demonstrates color theory? Plus, it's a reproduction of an original Bauhaus design, so you can say 'Bauhaus!' whenever someone comments on it. And, if a spinning top isn't your thing, consider it as a gift (6 years old and up). Includes seven interchangeable ...Read more

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Price: $55.00
Available from: MoMA Store

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Matégot Nagasaki Stool

$450 for a barstool might just be a little above your budget, but, even so, let's just spend a moment admiring this barstool designed by Mathieu Matégot . Who's he? Apparently, he's the guy that first combined metal tubing with with perforated sheet metal. Thank you Mr. Matégot. Available in Red, Yellow, or Black. 2-6 weeks for delivery. Made by Gubi Material: Metal Dimensions: 29"H x 15.35"W x 13.25"D ...Read more

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Price: $449.00
Available from: Horne

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DIY Table Lamp by Dino Sanchez

Check it. This do-it-yourself DS Kit 02 table lamp by Dino Sanchez can be assembled in less than 10 minutes with a phillips screw driver (if you're super handy, I'm sure you can knock that time down to 5-7 minutes). All the components are included- even the lightbulb. There's also a wall version, DS Kit 01 ($75), fyi. Available in Black, White, or Blue. Lamps use 1.5 inch candelabra bulbs. Dimensions: 29cm (11.5in) W x 14...Read more

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Price: $75.00
Available from: The VITRINE

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Nail Brush Soap Dish

It's a soap dish and nail brush all in one. Handy? Of course. Functional? Yes sir/ma'am. Made for the the mudroom, workshop, kitchen, you name it. Materials: natural stout pig bristle and specially ridged beachwood handle. 4" x 2" x 1.25" pig bristle, oiled beachwood ...Read more

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Price: $18.00
Available from: Best Made

Source: Svpply

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