“Mates for Life” Print

If a simple 'I love you' has lost its meaning, you better come up with something fast to get your message across. Let's not discuss that awful holiday fast approaching, as it's merely an excuse to buy horrible chocolates and flowers (soon eaten and wilted, respectively), but let's do think about this print from Jacqueline Schmidt of Screech Owl Design. She has illustrated a few very special species that mate ...Read more

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Price: $30.00
Available from: Screech Owl Design

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Core System Table

Look closely and you'll see powder coated steel incorporated underneath this tabletop, though it's the beauty of solid White Oak (locally sourced) that really steals the show. A hand rubbed oil finish gives off a nice gleam and the black oxide fasteners provide a dash of contrast and detail. Each table is made and assembled to order in Strand Design's workshop. The Core Table Features: Solid Wood Top Solid Wood ...Read more

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Price: $2,000.00
Available from: Strand Design

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Leaning Wall Pocket

Put in a pocket! Why not hide your sundries away in a plywood and felt pouch? It looks to have a marsupial sort of security with its leaning angle and soft sides. Plus, you know it doesn't hurt to have a one place to put all those mittens, maps, and hats, as that's the only place you'll have to look when you're ready to venture outside of your home territory. ...Read more

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Price: €119.00
Available from: Objekten

Source: Dwell

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Fitbit Zip

You might have heard the 10,000+ steps a day suggestion, but it's not until you strap on a pedometer or one of the other recent tracking devices that you actually know if you meet that minimum. I've posted the Fitbit before, as I currently own one and find it very helpful as motivation to move around more, but I've heard from friends that the $99 price tag seems a bit steep for ...Read more

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Price: $59.95
Available from: Fitbit

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Kaleido Trays

Yes, yes, and yes. This collection of powder-coated steel trays stack together for easy storage. Just how many places could you use them in? Kitchen, bathroom, office, anywhere where you need a little help organizing the bits and bobs associated with your daily life. And, if I may say so, the colors are excellent in their unexpectedness. Also, for the eagle-eye among you: yes, we posted this mid-2012, but upon ...Read more

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Price: $16.00 and up
Available from: A+R Store

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Tom Kundig Collection

Maybe you can't yet afford an Olson Kundig house, but you might just be able to splurge on some special Kundig hardware. There's twenty-five cut-and-folded steel products- from cabinet pulls to various door hardware- each fabricated by 12th Avenue Iron. As usual, prepare your wallet for specialty hardware prices ($19+ per drawer pull will add up pretty quickly). "The Tom Kundig Collection is a steel accessory line focused on intimately scaled ...Read more

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Price: $13.00 and up
Available from: http://www.12thavenueiron.com/

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Friday Links

Galaxy typography (!) over at My Galaxies (via twentytwowords) Michael Johansson: ‘Real-Life Tetris’ Video: The Event of a Thread (scroll down for video) Bizarre 'Portraits of a Serialsammler' by Thorsten Brinkmann Google's Flu Trends (via gizmodo) Tumblr: In the Horniman A good reminder from Alan Watts: What if money was no object? (via explore) Have an excellent weekend. ...Read more

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Royal VKB French Carafe Set

This carafe set has been around a while, yet we all need reminding that there's no need for trays when it comes to refreshments. Just stack the four bistro glass tumblers on the carafe's neck to make transport easy from the kitchen to table. And, don't stop at water- the updated (slightly shorter and wider) carafe available through the Royal VKB webshop is perfect for decanting and serving wine. Designed ...Read more

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Price: $29.33
Available from: Casa.com

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Chisel Boards

Will a small notch out of a nice piece of wood tempt you to spend $120 Canadian dollars? If your answer is no, perhaps you didn't see how pleasantly multiples fit together. Specifically, how the notches would give an angular feel once set side by side, adding a little geometry to your food presentation. If you couldn't care less about how your food is presented, then lucky you, no need to ...Read more

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Price: CAD120.00
Available from: OnOurTable

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‘House’ Firewood Log Holder

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's not everyday that you run across decent firewood holders, much less one that doesn't cost half a grand (to be fair, that link is to a log carrier, not holder) or more. Now, this holder won't catch the dirt/debris that firewood is bound to shed once brought indoors, but it is made of square-section iron and it's in the shape of a ...Read more

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Price: $189.00
Available from: Paper Trail

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Pangal Cabin, EMa Arquitectos

Every once in a while I sneak over to tumblr to get my fix of interior images. Sometimes there's nothing that catches the eye, but today, thankfully, the Pangal Cabin by EMa Arquitectos popped up on the collective/random radar. At 60 sq. meters (that's 646 sq ft.), it's about the size of a studio apartment, yet with the large windows and staggered layout it feels much larger. Of course, having a ...Read more

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Alyson Fox Rugs

I've long been a fan of the artist Alyson Fox, so this post is actually past due considering her collaboration with West Elm was in the press clippings months ago. The three rugs (still) available all have silvery, muted color palettes, which seem to fit the mood of this burgeoning year quite well. The patterns provide a subtle sort of interest, more of a quiet-yet-strong suggestion instead of a loud, ...Read more

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Price: $149.00 – 999.00
Available from: West Elm

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Copper Pencil Holder

This pencil holder may tempt those copper thieves lurking around your desk, so best keep implements sharpened and eyes alert. The higher-tiered levels will help order various sized pens and pencils, while the shallow levels would be perfect for smaller erasers, paperclips, and miscellany. There's also a Copper Cup ($30) and Copper Tray ($73). Material: Stainless steel with a copper finish Product No 4101 Size: 7.9" x 7"...Read more

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Price: $100.00
Available from: Ferm Living

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Symbol Audio Tabletop Hifi

You might completely dismiss this Tabletop Hifi from Symbol Audio once you learn its price, but if you're serious about sound (i.e. audio geek) and interior aesthetics then you might just be happy to see the specs and available finishes. Using traditional speaker design, the Tabletop Hifi delivers high quality sound with "two 4 in. high efficiency full range drivers, with titanium cones, set in dampened cabinets, ported for optimum ...Read more

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Price: $1,800.00
Available from: Symbol Audio

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Star Spangled Spatula

Just how patriotic are you anyways? Enough to have your very own Star Spangled Spatula? I'm slightly surprised that no one has done this before, especially considering just how much patriotic stuff circulates around the July 4th holiday, but I'm also entirely pleased that the idea has been executed so well. Crafted of solid walnut and stainless steel, this spatula is, of course, hand fabricated by the oldest manufacturer of ...Read more

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Price: $65.00
Available from: Areaware

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