What Did I Buy Today?

What did you buy today? Track each and every penny with this 'obsessive consumption' journal illustrated by Kate Bingaman-Burt. It's a week-by-week logbook where you can write in what you've spent and saved so that you know just where your money went. No more wondering how your paycheck disappeared- that's worth the $13 right there. 5 x 7.125 in; 160 pp pp; Paperback Available from Princeton Architectural Press, $12.95 or Amazon, ~$9. ...Read more

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Price: $12.95
Available from: Princeton Architectural Press

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H55 Easy Chair

Might this be the nicest deck chair ever to pass before our eyes? Designed by Björn Hultén in 1954 and first used by Swedish king Gustav VI Adolf, it certainly has a veritable pedigree, if you care about that sort of thing. An adjustable head cushion and four different seat tilt options ensures comfort, as it certainly should for the price. Folds flat for storage or transport. Also available ...Read more

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Price: $685.00

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Available from: DWR

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Friday Links

Modernist playhouses Lullaby Factory Mural on abandoned church: 700 Delaware (2012) Galaxy Comparison Chart (via ifuckinglovescience Daniel Barreto's photo-manipulation of houses on trees (via kateoplis) Creative Mornings: Brad Frost Via Brad Frost's talk, a weather website where you actually see the weather: Forecast. Excellent felt floor tiles, except they're not for sale yet. Fingers crossed they get picked up by a manufacturer.   Have a very nice weekend. ...Read more

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Lockwood Chair by Misewell

Remember this chair from Misewell? Thought it might be time for a reminder post, as there's been a price adjustment since 2010. With a wood seat and steel back, comfort doesn't spring to mind, but apparently this chair is quite comfortable, even without the optional felt back pad. Plus, it's supposed to ensure good posture, which pretty much all of us could benefit from. 30.5 x 16 x 19” 25 lbs Construction: Frame: powder coated ...Read more

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Price: $510.00
Available from: Misewell

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Bound Hand V1

$400 is a whole lot of money for a hand mirror. That said, if you're super picky about every item that you use, and care about surrounding yourself only with beautiful, useful things, you're not going to make do with a cheap plastic mirror from your local drugstore, are you? This mirror from Grain features hand-wrapped hemp twine edging for artistic detail and to secure the mirror to its wood backing. ...Read more

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Price: $395.00
Available from: Grain

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The Food Guide Tea Towel

Update: Now available stateside! Hoorah! Which foods are rich in vitamins and minerals? If you're not sure, then perhaps this tea towel would be a good reference to have on hand in the kitchen. It might even encourage you to eat a little healthier (fingers crossed). There's also a The Food Guide Poster if you'd rather see the info on the wall. The Food guide Tea Towel is available in ...Read more

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Price: $15.00
Available from: Uncommon Goods

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Velo Blk Tote

A carry-all made of authentic World War II military tent canvas seems like a good choice to survive the everyday wear and tear of commuting from home to the workplace battlefield. Simple leather straps and front pocket keeps things minimal for our modern day civilian lives. Also available with tan straps/pocket. Size - 18" x 20" Fit - 15" MACBOOK PRO Material: Reclaimed US Military tent canvas, Horween leather Pocket: 1 Zipper inside ...Read more

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Price: $178.00
Available from: Defy Bags

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Bridge Paper Shredder

You and I could both think of hundreds (of thousands) of things more exciting than paper shredders. Either they're behemoths of ugly office design or they're too small to get through a decent stack of documents, meaning you waste time standing there feeding in sheet by sheet, shaking your fist at your laziness to get rid of sensitive documents in a timely manner. Now, this Bridge Paper Shredder won't handle ...Read more

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Price: $50.00
Available from: Cooper-Hewitt Shop

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Store Jars by Established & Sons

An homage to the space age, Established & Sons has a collection of storage jars that are inspired by the shapes of space capsules. A matte glaze on the base of each jar gives a nice grip on work surfaces, making the collection a perfect solution to clutter in the kitchen or office. Glazed ceramic with natural cork top and silicon seal. small: 4.7”h x Ø5.6”, $98.00 medium: 6.1”h x Ø5.6”, $109.00 large: 7.5”h x Ø5.6”, $109.00 ...Read more

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Price: $98.00 - 131.00
Available from: Unica Home

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Paul Desk

Do you need some nooks and crannies to put your workplace odds and ends? This desk by Wintercheck Factory might fit the bill with its removable side boxes that are perfect for stashing your miscellany. And, good news, it's $595, which is less than it was back in '09 ($740.00-$840.00). -Made in Pomona, CA -Individually Numbered Metal Production Tag -Wood and Lacquer Finish Options -Large Storage Unit for Files, Laptop and ...Read more

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Price: $595.00
Available from: Wintercheck Factory

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Paper Write-On Watch

You can hear it calling out for your scribbles, doodles, and fancy handwriting, can't you? It feels like paper, but this watch has a polyethylene (plastic) band for durability. Use pencil for erasable notes or ink for more permanent designs, and don't forget that this could be an excellent gift idea for a friend or family member. As the retailer recommends, it might also be a clever save-the-date or party ...Read more

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Price: $18.00 for s/3
Available from: Uncommon Goods

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Une Bobine

A super-bendable charging cable that doubles as a tripod? Uh, yes, please. The Une Bobine is a two-foot-long cable that can charge your device (available in iPhone or micro USB versions) and act as stand or tripod- feel free to flex it or loop it around to suit your needs. No need to worry about your phone's battery if it's plugged in, so it would be perfect for longer video ...Read more

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Price: $30.00
Available from: Photojojo

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Eva Solo’s Stainless Steel Kettle

This kettle still wins top prize for its attributes, despite its exclusive price tag. It cooks on all heat sources- even on an induction range. There's no cables or lime scale on heating coils, and when it needs a wash, just throw it in the dishwasher. The handle stays cool as well, so no worries about burning your fingers or hands. All that and it's certainly easy on the eyes; ...Read more

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Price: $250.00
Available from: A+R Store

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Chef’n SleekStor Collapsible Colander

When it comes to rinsing a handful of berries, grapes, or other small fruits/veggies, a large colander is a little too big, and my hands are always a little too small, as proved by the inevitable escape of three or four renegade berries/grapes. While one could choose to rinse smaller portions, I'm instead thinking a smaller colander will corral foodstuffs appropriately and make the rinsing ritual a little ...Read more

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Price: $10.00
Available from: Amazon

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New York Times File Folders

Perhaps the Grey Lady will inspire you to organize those few important papers lying about your desk. This set of 6 file folders features three historic front pages of the New York Times. The two red folders show the front page of February 17, 1923, King Tut's Tomb Discovered. The two blue feature the front page of May 22, 1937, Charles Lindberg Crosses the Atlantic. The green, May 8, 1945, WWII in Europe is Over! ...Read more

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Price: $12.00
Available from: Paper Trail

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