Orson Desk

Whoa, cast iron legs means no messing around when it comes to materials. Matthew Hilton mixes rich hardwood with cast iron to create this quiet-yet-strong desk. On the drawers you'll find solid wood and dovetail joinery, while there's more to the tabletop than meets the eye- a cable management system is found under hinged doors (secret compartment!). The two storage trays and pencil holder are available separately. Designer: Matthew Hilton ...Read more

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Price: $3,855.00
Available from: hivemodern

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Triangle Cork Dinner Mats

Table linens can look tired after a while- especially if you use them every day- and if you're super picky and feel the need to iron your placemats and napkins after the wash, you will look tired from laundering them. These cork dinner mats just need a quick wipe to clean, so they'll save you some time as well as jazzing up your dinner table with some stacked triangle action. ...Read more

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Price: $29.95
Available from: ferm LIVING

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Iceberg Wood Bike Hanger

The last thing you need is yet another bike hanger to consider, but this one is too fantastic to not mention. Sure, it's expensive (I don't many people that would spend $600 on a bike rack) but just look at those crazy angles. It's a show stopper. Each piece is handcrafted to show off the beauty of the wood grain from every viewing angle and an easy to mount system only ...Read more

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Price: $644.90
Available from: Woodstick Ltd. Etsy Shop

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Mineral Plate

Yep, it's a plate with a strange sort of image- minerals, to be exact. Why would you need something such as this? You don't, of course, but you might want a plate with weird mineral formation imagery just to appreciate/celebrate the strange and wondrous things found in nature, especially when the imagery has such nice color combinations. There's little info available as to food safety, but I'd say any ...Read more

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Price: £79.00
Available from: do shop

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Milking Stool by UM Project

It's a little dreary outside, and a Monday at that, so a jolt of color is called for. Available in black, grey, white, teal, yellow, saffron and pink, this Milking Stool by UM Project could be extra seating or a side table, your call. It is intended to follow the proportions of a classic milking stool- lower legs and a narrow footprint- but if you prefer a sturdier option, it ...Read more

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Price: $330.00
Available from: Vertigo Home

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Friday Links

ilovecharts Peanut Butter Diamonds Name That Space Rock, a Handy Chart Nice infographic: The NBA’s Best Players, Visualized As Statistical Snowflakes Estimating All Who Have Ever Lived Photos of Workers Drilling Tunnels Through Manhattan’s Core Reinier de Jong's Steel Chair is made from old wooden handles of brooms, rakes, spades, flagpoles, etc. (via unconsumption) vintage anatomy of plant cells The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food (via itsokaytobesmart) ...Read more

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Trapeze LED Table Light

Whoa, this lamp is something else. The rounded counterweights are distinctly sculptural, and the 3-axis range of motion means you'll get an even warm light (thanks to the LEDs) wherever you need it. Aluminum spherical joints allow for fluid-yet-precise movement. On a personal note, my workspace lamp recently bit the dust and I opted to upgrade to the Trapeze- the movement of the arm is pretty fantastic. Wherever you move ...Read more

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Price: $395.00
Available from: YLighting

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Unit Portables 05 Overnight Bag

Do you remember the Unit Portables 01 Shoulder Bag? That handy movable-pocket idea? Now there's a larger overnight size that's just right for a weekend trip. A mesh toiletry bag, a padded laptop sleeve, and a cable/accessory bag is included, so you'll be all set when packing for an adventure. Oh, and if a tote is more suited to your needs, the Unit Portables 16 Tote is available for pre-order. 12.5" x 18" ...Read more

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Price: $130.00
Available from: Vetted

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Loop Bottle Opener

Want a bottle opener that will last forever? Take stock of this stainless steel version. It's got a rough tumbled finish that will take its fair share of abuse no matter how many bottles you open on a daily basis. The simplified form and industrial finish means no nonsense- no silly frilliness here, thank you very much. "Cast in Milwaukee, WI, the design is equally informed by its end use, ...Read more

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Price: $35.00
Available from: Field

Source: bookofjoe

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Charlie vs. Medina

Next, we have a match-up between the charming Charlie rug and the multicolor Medina rug. One is a little more pinkish than the other, obviously, but they both have a similar look with their stacked block pattern. Can you guess which one is over $2 grand and which one is just under $500? Charlie Rug from Blu Dot -Made of hand-woven cotton & wool blend dhurrie -6'x9' Medina Rug by Nani ...Read more

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Price: $499.00 / 2,279.00
Available from: Blu Dot

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Gamma Ray Alternative Watch

Tell time using a binary system- and don't worry, it's not complicated. Just pay attention to where the lights are on the face and you'll have the code cracked. As you can see from the image below, the pattern is circular, and the lights are different sizes, so it won't take many brain cells to figure out whether it's 1:20 or 2:35. The square face and stainless steel strap keep things sleek ...Read more

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Price: $200.00
Available from: ahalife

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Hex Cutting Board

Shoot, I'm such a sucker for geometric anything. Simply facet the edges of an American Maple wood board and I'm already contemplating plonking down a credit card, no matter the many cutting boards already in my cabinets. Now, the faceted edges do make the board easier to pick up (on one side), so it's actually a functional feature as well as a stylistic choice. Origin: Springfield, VA Designer: Johan Takagi ...Read more

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Price: $105.00
Available from: Field

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Make Bike Rack

I have no idea why this retailer lists this bike rack for $50 more than the designer/manufacturer consult, but it's good news that there's the option to save some dollar bills. It's a simple enough bike rack made of solid wood (walnut or maple), yet you won't find it at your local bike supply shop- unless your bike supply shop is awesome, in which case some of us are a ...Read more

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Price: $180.00
Available from: consult

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Facet Pyramid

Just in case you need another stand for your iPod/tablet, the Facet Pyramid offers three different viewing angles- 35°, 55° and 75°. Magnets embedded within the Facet grip to your device, which makes for minimal fuss, and the surface area gives stability on a variety of surfaces. Facet works with iPad generations 2, 3, and 4. Patent pending....Read more

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Price: $39.95
Available from: iLoveHandles

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Herringbone Coffee Table

Wood (coffee table) + chevron parquet + simple iron base = no brainer. Parquetry seems to have been making a comeback with a few interiors featuring the old school look to its best advantage (a few bookmarked images on tumblr). All good news, of course, but if you can't actually install those lovely patterned floors in your own space, you can certainly apply the technique to a coffee table top. This particular table ...Read more

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Price: $399.00
Available from: CB2

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