CB2 Upholstery Sale

Need some soft furnishings that won't break the metaphorical piggy bank? CB2 has an upholstery sale (15% off) through 2/17, with several modern frames available in neutral and more colorful options. Shown above: club lemongrass chair, $679.00 (reg. $799.00) façade grey bed, $849.00 - $1,019.00 (reg. $999.00 - $1,199.00) avec carbon sofa, $1,189.00 (reg. $1,399.00) parlour atomic orange chair, $679.00 (reg. $799.00)...Read more

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View CB2 Upholstery Sale here

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Grain Pendant

At first glance, this Grain Pendant looks like it has a simple aluminum shade. However, take a closer look and you'll see that the shade is formed over a wooden mold that has been sandblasted, and, during the shade's metal spinning process, the patterns of the wood grain are impressed on the shade's underside. Read more about the Grain Pendant's case study over at Brendan Ravenhill's site. Available in Clear ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $380.00
Available from: Brendan Ravenhill

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Coveted Things Scarves

If you're in a love-fueled craze and don't have a lot of money to spend, then maybe you could get the object of your desire one of these scarves from Coveted Things. Full disclosure though, the scarves may also double as baby blankets, so be sure your message is entirely clear: "It's a SCARF for your lovely NECK..." or something along those lines. There's nothing too fancy, they're 100% cotton, but ...Read more

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Price: $40.00
Available from: Coveted Things

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Considered Curtain Rod

Remember the Intersect Valet posted a couple of weeks ago? John Dixon, of DIXON Branded, has a few other items in his shop, one of which is this Considered Curtain Rod. The final length of the rod is determined and cut by you, the end user, to specifically fit your windows. There's just enough of a DIY-feel to make you look incredibly handy, but do be sure to have a ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $42.00
Available from: DIXON Branded

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Wine Thermals from Angle33

I know keeping your wine chilled at the perfect temperature is the least of your worries, but, hey, if you can eliminate that worry altogether, why not do it? This Wine (or Champagne) Thermal is made from concrete and will keep wine at the perfect temperature no matter how hot it gets this summer. That seems a long way away from the cold, dreary weather outside our doors today, but ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $64.99
Available from: Angle33

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Swish Console Desk

Console or desk, does it matter? What matters is that this Swish Console Desk from Blu Dot has a clever sliding top that conceals a drawer or work top, depending on your preference. There's a cord management slot, so you can fit your laptop/tablet in there with no problem, and cover it all up if it gets too messy. Excellent idea, isn't it? Powder-coated steel base White-washed ash veneer ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $699.00
Available from: Blu Dot

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Scout Stool

A sloping seat gives comfort, and Southern Yellow Pine shows off its intricate patterning. This Scout Stool was constructed using mortise and tenon joints along with other time-tested construction techniques. And it's $180. Available for pre-order from Surname Goods. Dimensions: 12"x 12"x 18" All natural beeswax finish ...Read more

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Price: $180.00
Available from: Surname Goods

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Flexi Flash

No, the Flexi Flash is not a new dance move, nor is it an old disco rock band (to my knowledge), but it is a small lighting device that can light your way in the dark. Beam and strobe options are features, as well as silicone handle that makes it bendable and easy to attach to your bag or bike. "The Flexi Flash is a contemporary example of a lighting ...Read more

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Price: $12.00
Available from: MoMA Store

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Friday Links

freundevonfreunden: Arno Brandlhuber Build Your Own Hyperbolic Soccer Ball Model Make your pictures look like a watercolor with this app: Waterlogue Via @elledecor Hmm, this could spell trouble for our wallets: Hunters Alley is a new resale shop by the One Kings Lane folks. Sell your stuff (listing is free) or shop, up to you. via @dailycandy Apartment Therapy: 12 things every home should have Via @designcrush Colorful star trails Have fun....Read more

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Tom & Jerry Stools

Adjustable stools are great choices for kitchen counter bars, as they can accommodate all sorts of people- from wee kids to big adults. These two stools by Konstantin Grcic each feature a brightly-colored polypropylene screw mechanism where the height can be easily changed to suit the sitter. Simply spin the top to make it go up or down. Design by Konstantin Grcic, 2012. Made in Italy by Magis. Material(s): Solid ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $611.00 - 784.00
Available from: YLiving

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Supra Bed

Woven cane usually is an attribute of more traditional furniture, but there's a few movers and shakers that are mixing things up and applying it to modern designs. This Supra Bed designed by Mermelada Estudio incorporates perforated woven cane into the curved headboard, giving texture and warmth to an architectural oak grid. Designed by Mermelada Estudio. ...Read more

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Price: $1,099.00
Available from: CB2

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If a regular sit-on-the-floor steel bowl for your furry friend just won't work with your décor, you might be a little too concerned with details. That said, hello, nice to meet you, please sit down and join the club; your design obsessive tendencies are welcomed here. The Y.bowl from Doca Pet (literally) elevates the common steel bowl to a considered receptacle for your pets, and with different sizes ...Read more

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Price: $30.00+
Available from: Doca Pet

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WrongWoods Tray

Can't afford the $7,150 WrongWoods Long Credenza? How about the $2,970 WrongWoods Night Table? If your response to both these questions is rolling your eyes and wishing for the umpteenth time you'll win the lottery, you need to take in this number: $220. It's a tray, which is significantly smaller than a credenza or cabinet, hence the significantly smaller price tag. It's still not cheap, of course, as it is a collaboration between ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $275.00
Available from: Cooper Hewitt Museum Shop

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Robert Indiana LOVE Notecard Set

If you absolutely have to send out cards this Valentine's Day, please make it be this set of notecards featuring American artist Robert Indiana's screenprint of 1968 Black and White LOVE. You have one whole week for the notecards to arrive, write out whatever sappy sentiments you like, and then send them off to those lucky recipients. Maybe they'll even frame the card in a small frame (I know I would). ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $15.95
Available from: Whitney Museum Shop

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Mails Woodwork

It's rare that you get four or five pieces all from one designer in one post, but Ryan Mails of Mails Woodwork caught my eye with the clean lines and excellent craftsmanship of his heirloom-quality furniture. You'll find all of his current items below with a few words from him describing what brought about each piece. Visit Mails Woodwork for more pictures and information (there's a mailswoodwork Etsy shop as ...Read more

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View Mails Woodwork here

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