Trunk and Stump by Kalon Studios

How in the world has this bench and stool not been featured on our site before? Color me surprised. The price point seems rather reasonable, not to mention the smaller Stump Stool is an absolute steal at $85. Both pieces are raw and unfinished and are cut from the green wood of a tree trunk, so you’ll see the surface split as it ages and dries. Made from FSC Certified domestic Maple or Ash, sanded to a smooth finish.

Purchase Information:

Price: $145.00
Available from: Kalon Studios

Milking Stool and Candy Table

This colorful table and stool by UM Project would be a great choice for occasional tables. Whether you choose to go monochrome or mix colors, the duo-tone finish would add interest and warmth to a room. It’d be smart to use the sturdy stools as side tables and then use as extra seating when needed.


Purchase Information:

Price: $330.00
Available from: 2modern

Handle Stool by temahome

Update: Originally $495 from MoMA, this stool is now on sale for $299.95 ($269.95 for members).

While it could be said that the price is rather dear for a simple stool, the colors are delightful, and the added ‘handle’ does add a playful sort of functionality. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the stool is actually covered in felt, which gives it that soft surface look and feel.


Purchase Information:

Price: $299.95
Available from: MoMA Store

Twig Stool

Some might perceive as this stool as a borderline objet d’art, yet the vertical branch is actually quite useful as a hat or coat rack, or even for back support. In a more commercial or museum setting, several stools grouped together appear as a ” field of stylized grass”… sounds nice.

Made of natural beech wood.
Note: Available for a limited time only.

Purchase Information:

Price: $450.00
Available from: MoMA Store

Splice Stool

The inspiration behind this sustainably sourced birch ply stool was angular shapes seen around ships and dockside machinery. The stool can be used in a commercial or residential setting indoors or out, and it’s stackable, which makes it all the more appealing. Keep in mind that it’s made to order though, so it could take a few weeks.

Purchase Information:

Price: £180.00
Availability: Buy Splice Stool here

Wooden Stool from Kaufmann Mercantile

Mortise, tenon and finger joint detailing. Handmade of reclaimed oak, alder and sycamore in Los Angeles, CA.

Free Trade Pouf

This Free Trade Pouf features upholstery from recycled burlap grain sacks. A few of these would be nice for impromptu seating for additional guests.

Constructed from recycled burlap grain sacks and stuffed to the max with cushy cotton, its lightweight design makes it easy to move around for quick additional seating. Complete with varying printed graphics.

Due to the unique nature of this item, graphics may vary slightly from what is pictured.

Purchase Information:

Price: $109.00
Available from: Urban Outfitters

Aalto Stacking Three-Legged Stool 60

I think it’s often easy to forget that something as simple as the Aalto stool is well within a meager modernist’s budget*. So, for this week’s design classic, consider the stacking stool by Alvar Aalto as an option for extra seating. Designed in 1932-33, the stool is made from solid birch veneer and features a bent L-shaped leg that allows it to be stacked to save space.

Available in natural wood grain or with a white, red, or black laminate top ($275).

Purchase Information:

Price: $260.00
Availability: Buy Aalto Stacking Three-Legged Stool 60 here

Log Stool

The look of nature except without all the bark mess… and, of course, softer for your feet or derriere as well. From Pedlars.

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Juan DIY Stool

Update: Just saw that this is now $29. Sounds like a good deal, no?

Foldable. Stackable. Easy to store when flat. Does your laundry. Uh, no, not the last bit. But it is pretty amazing that you simply set up this stool with built-in indents and straps, and ta-da(!) you’ve got a transportable stool for 50 bucks.


Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Bookworm Cardboard Stool

Not a bad price for a stool that looks like a big pile of books, even if it is cardboard… though, do keep in mind you’ll have to pay shipping from Australia. Holds up to 200kg and comes flat-packed in a clear carry bag.

Others worth mentioning are the Gold, Soundbooster, and Log Stools.

Purchase Information:

Price: AUD59.00
Available from: Form.Function.Style

Endy Stool

Love, love, love this stool. The color coded ends of timber are emphasized in the design of this stool, thereby “preserving a hint of the origins of the wood” and giving us an altogether colorful little seating option.

Shipping seems to run around $29.00, fyi.

Oak, ash, maple, mahogany, cherry.
H: 40cm, Ø: 32cm.

Purchase Information:

Price: $149.00
Available from: Studio Ve

MilkMaid Stool Custom

I’m such a sucker for small wooden stools, mostly because they offer quite a bit of versatility. Side table or extra seating, whichever you need, a little stool can be handy to have around. These custom milking stools by grayworksdesign are a variation of the traditional three-legged stool that we all are familar with, but the design is updated just enough to fit into any room, be it rustic or modern. Engraving is also offered should you wish to make it a special gift.

To see more, visit grayworksdesign’s etsy shop.


Purchase Information:

Price: $300.00
Availability: Buy MilkMaid Stool Custom here

Makr Studio Work Stool

Makr is best known for their high quality, handmade leather and canvas accessories. They’re marking their expansion into furnishings with this new Studio Stool. It takes influence from early industrial style wok stools but is streamlined a bit for a more modern look which would equally look great in both your garage and in your den. Each stool is handmade, and made to order.

Height:  28″ to seat and 37″ to top of back rest X
Width:  13.5″ Diameter seat with a 15.5″ Base.
Material: White walnut seat and hand-welded steel body.

Purchase Information:

Price: $690.00
Available from: Makr

Respite by Tirsh Hunter

Ran across this cast concrete stool/side table while on Svpply yesterday. Considering the design and actual heft, I’d say $375 isn’t too bad of a deal. In fact, if I saw this in a high-design storefront, I would probably guess a much higher price tag. It can go outside in a patio or garden or be just at home next to a sofa. For more on the design process, visit innovative verve . com .


Purchase Information:

Price: $375.00
Available from: Etsy

Source: Svpply