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T-Shirt Chair by Maria Westerberg

T-Shirt Chair by Maria Westerberg

This is a nice way to recycle your old t-shirts or jeans, especially if you’re the type that hates the thought of donating the softest (i.e., best) of the bunch just because of a few holes or two. This chair by Maria Westerberg starts out as a plain frame and becomes a chair after you add your own worn textiles. It’s also available with fabric from left-over pieces from sofa manufacturing (£580) already woven in, but I think the fun would be in making your own (plus, it’s more affordable that way).

T-shirt Chair is the winner of the Green Furniture Award 2011.

T-Shirt Chair
“In the original design by Maria Westerberg, T-shirts from forty friends together with other textiles such as grandma’s curtains, the favourite but now worn out jeans etc, melt together visually to form a colourful symphony of one’s personal history.”

£275 for frame only, £580 for finished tshirt chair


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