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Sedia 1 Chair

Sedia 1 Chair

What?! You did’t build the chair you sit upon? Well, we all know that you’ve got extra elbow grease to spare, and hey, when’s the last time you picked up a hammer anyways? This Sedia Chair, designed by Enzo Mari in 1974, arrives ready for assembly; all you need is your brain, half an hour, and a hammer. And, when you’re done, you can sit back in the chair and shout to anyone within earshot, “I [insert expletive] BUILT this with MY OWN TWO HANDS!” Instructional video below.

“The Sedia Chair, designed by Enzo Mari in 1974, comes in a small box which contains 13 pre-cut pine pine boards, a handful of nails, and an ingenious assembly manual (that will make a great poster when you’re done).”

Building instructions for Sedia 1 chair by Enzo Mari from Artek oy ab on Vimeo.

Available from MATTER, $328.00.

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